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Membership in TRMN is a privilege extended by the Royal Council (board of directors) which is extended to any eligible person regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, ethnic background, or any other protected class. There are two exceptions for dual membership (i.e. membership with other groups) covered in the next section.

To become a member of TRMN requires the following information.

  1. Legal name (pseudonyms can be approved by the FLA if a distinct need is shown for them)
  2. Address, for mailing membership materials
  3. Email, for our online list-serve, database access, and TRMN forum access
  4. Division you wish to join (RMN, RMMC, RMA, GSN, IAN, RHN, Civilian)
  5. A phone number is optional

Since March 2010, membership in TRMN has been, and continues to be, free.

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The Royal Council reserves the right to suspend or deny membership to any person for any cause it deems just. This includes, but is not limited to; commission of a crime, being placed on probation or parole, violations of admiralty orders, dangerous behavior to other members or non-members, or actively and knowingly working to damage TRMN financially, physically, or by reputation.

The Royal Council reserves the right to tailor suspensions or denials to the circumstances presented, and issue suspensions or denials it feels appropriate given the particulars of any complaint in front of it.

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The information in this section can be found in relevant admiralty orders. TRMN does not discourage membership with other science fiction fan groups. This holds true for every group unless:

  1. The group is openly hostile toward the RMN / RMMC / RMA / GSN / IAN / RHN / CIV. In this case, we will ask that you choose which you prefer to be a member of. We do not need disruptive elements destroying the fun of being with friends we have beyond our computers.
    • “Openly hostile” is defined as any action which is directly detrimental to TRMN via words, actions, or any media.
    • “Openly hostile” is further defined as any action which violates any of the legal rights TRMN maintains over its property.
    • The FSL shall be the final authority in determining if a group falls into the category of “openly hostile” but shall consult with the staff intelligence officer and staff communications officer.
  2. A member shares any of the documents listed in the Official Secrets Act,in which case they will be removed from membership of the RMN/RMMC/RMA/GSN/IAH/RHN/CIV in favor of their other group.

With these two exceptions, there are no restrictions to membership with the RMN/RMMC/RMA/GSN/IAN/RHN/CIV. An age restriction on command level positions can be found in the relevant admiralty orders.

TRMN reserves the right to deny membership to any person found to have violated the above regulations

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The information in this section can also be found in relevant admiralty orders.

The following documents and databases are to be considered classified Royal Manticoran Navy/Marine Corps/Army items and are not to be spread to members without rights to view them.

  1. The online membership database–Only the Royal Council and BuComm database staff will have full access to this database. The admiralty will have access based upon their needs. Fleet, echelon and unit commanders will get access to perform their duties. Certain staff, such as the staffs of BuPers, BuTrain, and the JAG, will also be given access to the database as dictated by their needs. All members will have access to view their own information.
  2. The TRMN forums–Only the Royal Council, the space lords, and their designees will have full access to the TRMN forums. All others will have access based on their needs, and all members will have access to view, post, and reply to threads they are members of, and view posts in all public threads.
  3. Financial documentation–Only the FLA, the chancellor of the exchequer, and the Seventh Space Lord, and as necessitated by legal requirements, the JAG, shall have access to this information.
  4. All exams are controlled items and are covered by the secrets act. Completed answers or exams are not to be shared with any member who has not successfully completed that exam.
  5. Any additional documents relating to membership records or member finances deemed to require extra protection to ensure the safety of our membership’s personal and financial information
  6. Any documents provided TRMN by BuNine, Words of Weber, or David Weber’s representatives, and deemed as covered by the FLA and FSL.
  7. Any additional documents or systems voted on by the admiralty (FLA & the seven Space Lords), the commandant of the RMMC, the marshal of the RMA, and the high admiral of the GSN. A vote of 8 out of 11 will be required to add a document or system to the Official Secrets Act.

Dissemination of any documents, databases or systems covered by the Official Secrets Act is ground for immediate membership termination, with no refund of remaining pro-rated membership dues (if a membership fee is instituted).

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Here is a short description of everything you will get in the initial membership email:

  • Welcome emails – A series of emails will be sent welcoming you to the organization and your local chapter (as applicable).
  • ID Cards – These are mailed when run as a batch. Beginning in January 2017, these will be run quarterly. Frequency can be changed as determined by the needs of the organization.

Not included:

  • Forms, membership handbook, admiralty orders, application to Saganami Island Academy, a berthing registry, and electronic copies of past issues of A Manticore’s Tale, our newsletter, will be found on our website.

This list of items may grow as time passes and our ability to offer more grows. Memberships that were signed up at conventions might include additional freebies as those are more visible packets, although those freebies will most likely be from the convention itself.

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The following codes are used on the ID cards for TRMN. There are two sets of codes, one for rank and one for peerage.

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  • C–Civilian (May have six subsets, ie. C-MIN, C-MM, C-CD, C-IS, C-AC, C-SFC, C-SS, C-PLS)
    • MIN–Ministerial
    • MM–Merchant Marines
    • CD–Diplomatic Corps
    • IS–Intelligence Staff
    • AC–Astro Control
    • SFC–Sphinxian Forestry Commission » SS–Steading Staff
    • PLS–Peerage Lands Staff
  • E–Enlisted
  • W–Warrant Officer
  • O–Officer
  • F–Flag Officer

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  • G–Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
  • D–Duke/Duchess
  • S–Steadholder
  • C–Earl/Countess
  • B–Baron/Baroness
  • K–Knight/Dame

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