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This will give you a brief introduction to Peerage in TRMN. We use Peerages to recognize members who have shown a higher level of leadership and a commitment to the benefit of the membership and organization, while demonstrating service above and beyond what their rank requires. Peerage is defined as a system of titles of nobility in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, the Imperial Andermani Empire and the Protectorate of Grayson. The term is used both collectively to refer to the entire body of titles, and individually to refer to a specific title. Peerage dignities may be recommended by both Houses of Parliament (Commons and Lords) and approved by the House of Lords through its Peerage Courts.

The peerage titles, in order of precedence from highest to lowest, are:

  • Grand Duke/Grand Duchess – This is primarily reserved for members of the royal family and David Weber’s family, but exceptions can be made for extreme or exceptional service to the organization.
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Steadholder – Grayson title of roughly equivalent rank to Duke / Duchess.
  • Senator – Grayson title of roughly equivalent rank to Duke / Duchess.
  • Earl/Countess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Knight/Dame – This is reserved for those members who are invested into The Most Noble Order of the Star Kingdom..

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