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The Office of the Sixth Space Lord heads the Bureau of Training, or BuTrain. The person holding the position of Sixth Space Lord, for the level of work they do, is awarded at least the minimum rank of Rear Admiral of the Red, but may go as high as Admiral of the Green depending on prior standing. The business oriented name for this position is Chief Training Officer.

The Office of the Sixth Space Lord is responsible for running and coordinating the courses at Saganami Island Academy, including the Naval College, which includes the Enlisted Training Center & Officer Training Center, the War College, the Advanced Tactical Center & Technical Specialities College. BuTrain also oversees & assists the other service academies with the development and running of their academies, such as the Star Kingdom University System, the Royal Manticoran Marine Corp Academy, the King Roger I Military Academy, the Isaiah MacKenzie Naval Academy, the Sphinx Forestry Service, the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Academy & the Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy.

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