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Chapter Formation & Regulations

This section deals with what is required to form a RMN chapter. For RMMC units, please consult the appropriate Corps Directive (CD), CD 02-1302, CD 05-1308, CD 04-1302, and any other Corps Directive pertaining to RMMC unit policies and procedures. For RMA units, please consult The Soldier’s Guide, RMASM-101.

For the RMN, this section will cover minimums for basic chapters based on a sample. For more specific information, those wishing to create a chapter should reference the Commanding Officer’s Manual, RMNM-003, and the relevant admiralty orders which deal with chapter membership for type as well as the Commanding Officer’s Manual, RMN-3-01, for detailed information.

For the purposes of this section, we will use the example that the chapter being set up is a destroyer (DD). Chapters are “associated units” with TRMN. As such, they will gain the benefits of support from the parent organization as well as access to materials such as recruiting packets and manuals, but they will be separate operating units treated as direct affiliates. If they wish to conduct business as a chapter on behalf of TRMN, they will be required to apply to Bureau of Planning for use of the TRMN’s tax identification number. To set up their own bank account, however, a chapter will need to acquire their own tax identification number. The first step in setting up a chapter will be to assemble your crew. In this case, you will need a minimum of six people. Of those six, at least two must be Officers and at least one of those must have completed the Lieutenant Commander’s exam. Those two officers will be the Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer(XO). Of the enlisted personnel, at least one must have completed the Chief Petty Officer exam.

These people should be listed on the chapter launch request form. On that form, they should list the membership information of all chapter members, including academy courses and date of rank. This is then sent to the regional commander. The regional commander then signs off on adding the new destroyer (DD) to his fleet. At this point, the paperwork is passed on to the Third Space Lord, who approves the chapter and commissions the new destroyer into its fleet.

A chapter must have, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Commanding Officer
  2. Executive Officer
  3. Chief Petty Officer (bosun)

A correspondence chapter has the same requirements as a meeting chapter, except that a correspondence meeting may not convene independently more than twice a year. This means having face-to-face meetings not connected with a convention or other event. A meeting chapter must convene a minimum of three times per year.

The minimum age for a Commanding Officer of a chapter is 18 years old, except where state or national law has a higher age of majority, in which case that age shall be the minimum for that state or country. These age restrictions also apply to the executive officer and the chief petty officer. These ages are put in place for liability issues. As the Commanding Officer is responsible for the conduct of this chapter, they must be able to be legally responsible.

If a chapter holds meetings, the Commanding Officer is responsible for securing a safe location. This location may be public but must also be safe. If the meetings are held after dark, then the Commanding Officer must make sure that all the members leave safely.


Should a chapter choose to leave TRMN, it must send a certified letter to the First Space Lord. Once it is confirmed that the letter has been received, a chapter is free to operate independently of the organization. It must at that time, however, cease using TRMN manuals and documentation. When a chapter leaves, each member must also notify Bureau of Personnel that they wish to leave TRMN. If they do not, they will be kept on the membership roster.

A chapter will also be considered to have left if it gets decommissioned based on the regulations in the Fleet Operations Manual, RMNM-002, or the Commanding Officer’s Manual, RMNM-003. These two can be appealed directly to the First Space Lord and First Lord of the Admiralty who, in conference with Bureau of Ships, may authorize an exemption for a limited time.

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