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The Soldier's Guide (RMA-SM-101)

Welcome to the Soldier's Guide, the Royal Manticoran Army's member manual!


  1. Marshal's Foreword
  2. Introduction to the Royal Manticoran Army
  3. Organization and Structure of the RMA
  4. Rank Structure in the RMA
  5. Authority, Responsibility, and Chain of Command
  6. How to Start an RMA Chapter
  7. Special Programs in the RMA
  8. Glossary of Terms
  9. Appendices

Author and Contributor Credits

Administrative Notes

This manual supersedes, cancels, or replaces the following Army Directives:

AD 2110-01 Army Chapter Composition
AD 2103-01 KR1MA Honor Society Programs
AD 1803-02 Army Chapter Composition
AD 05-1401 The Home Guard
AD 04-1402 Colonel of the Regiment
AD 08-1304 Chain of Command and Appropriate Contacts
AD 07-1305 The wear and display of arms within TRMN
AD 07-1302 Field Dress Uniform (Class B) - Variant
AD 07-1301 Uniform of the Day - Updated
AD 06-1303 Unit Policies and Procedures
AD 06-1301 Appointment of Staff Positions
AD 05-1312 Appointment of Staff Positions
AD 05-1311 Unit Policies and Procedures
AD 05-1210 Sergeant Major of the Royal Army


Honor Harrington, the Honorverse, the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, the Royal Manticoran Army, the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, the Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service, the Grayson Space Navy, the Imperial Andermani Navy, and other references to the works of David Weber or Final Sword Games are used here under the Fair Use doctrine.

Information taken from Wikipedia is similarly used in compliance with the Fair Use doctrine.

David Weber holds the Copyright to all things related to the Honorverse and as such can at any time demand a change in this documentation, should it violate the Fair Use doctrine.