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Appendix 01: Royal Manticoran Army Deployment Request Form

Required from prospective chapters and the link is provided at the following address: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOzAKSeyUsKG00kpJM-4KHSB07Lfi8z7N7lyepDKC23zrMUA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Appendix 02: Esteemed Membership

Listed below are the esteem members of the RMA academic , medal, and service honor societies as of the writing of this manual, that have risen above and completed a higher standard of requirements to better the TRMN and RMA in supporting the 4 pillars of the RMA.

Adrienne Cross

The Adrienne Cross was a Manticoran military award designed by King Roger II to honor members of the Monarch's Own Regiment who risked or lost their own lives defending the Royal Family. The Queen’s Own nicknamed the medal Spitting Kitty because it featured the image of a snarling treecat. Crown Princess Adrienne's own treecat, Dianchect, was rumored to have been the model for the 'cat depicted on the medal. Members who have been honored with the Adrienne Cross as of the publishing of this manual are as follows:

Field Marshal Heather Selbe, RMA

Rear Admiral of the Red Brad Lee, RMN

Regimental Sergeant-Major Nicola Hawke, RMA

Senior Embassy Attache John Stump, CIL

Field Marshal Peter Gordon, RMA

Monarch’s Own

The Monarch's Own Regiment was an elite unit of the Royal Manticoran Army tasked with guarding the monarch and the royal family. Members who have been honored with membership in the QOR as of the publishing of this manual are as follows:

Field Marshal Beau Thacker, RMA

Major Raul Trevino, RMA

Field Marshal Robert Jackson, RMA

Captain Edward Covarrubias, RMA

Colonel Jeff Webb, RMA

Regimental Sergeant-Major Eric Stolle, RMA

Chiron House

Chiron House recognizes excellence among those who excel academically and as leaders among their peers. Chiron House also encourages its members to emulate the five star qualities: honor, leadership, professionalism, officership, and unity. Membership is awarded by the KR1MA once you have qualified. Members who have been honored with the membership in the Chiron House as of the publishing of this manual are as follows:

Marshal of the Army Peter Gordon, RMA

General TJ Allen, RMA

Lt. Colonel Alex MacKenzie, RMA

Captain Bobby Dean, RMA

Master Chief Warrant Officer Christopher O’Banion, RMA

Staff Sergeant Quinn Bratteng, RMA

Field Marshal Beau Thacker, RMA

Lt. General David Walker, RMA

Major Raul Trevino, RMA

Captain George Grosskopf, RMA

1st Sergeant Abel Garcia III, RMA

Lance Corporal Alvin Kimble, RMA

Field Marshal Heather Selbe, RMA

Brigadier General Brian Chappell, RMA

Captain Edward Covarrubias, RMA

2nd Lieutenant Robert Rothenberg, RMA

Staff Sergeant Rey Cordero, RMA

Sergeant-Major Russell Selkirk, RMMC

Captain Chris Tolbert, RMACS

Kapitain der Sterne Charles Shananaquet II, IAN

Captain Mark West, GSN

Chief Engineer Joe Jungers, RMMM

Rear Admiral Melyssa Dennis, RHN

Rear Admiral Neil Simpson, GSN

Kapitain der Sterne David Westover, IAN

Rear Admiral Garret Bitker, RMACS

Captain Ian Brannan, RHN

Commodore Justin Grays, GSN

Vice Admiral of the Red Cindy Van Wyhe, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Green Matthew Parker, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Red Ed Wandall, RMN

Commodore Brett Price, RMN

Captain SG Pam Cole, RMN

Captain JG D Wes Rist, RMN

Commander Justin Twohy, RMN

Commander Janet Harder, RMN

Senior Master Chief Petty Officer John Kane, RMN

Vice Admiral of the Red John Neitz, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Red Geoff Strayer, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Red Wayne Burns, RMN

Commodore Mark Gledhill, RMN

Captain SG Patrick McKinnion, RMN

Captain JG Stephen Nemer, RMN

Commander Brian Harris, RMN

Master Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Sivula, RMN

Petty Officer 1st Class Leo Rogers, RMN

Vice Admiral of the Red Michael Paquette, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Red Drakkus Heath, RMN

Rear Admiral of the Red David Misener, RMN

Commodore Tracy Newby, RMN

Captain SG Paul McPherson, RMN

Commander Teresa Remaly, RMN

Commander Kaye Downing, RMN

Warrant Officer Kenneth Hammes, RMN

Damage Control Mate 1st Class Patrick Matherne, RMN

Monarch's Club

The Monarch's Club was created to foster and perpetuate the mutual respect, admiration, and friendship engendered through the years between the officers of the armed forces of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and those officers who hold a commission in the forces of the Grand Alliance.

On every planet of the Kingdom, and those that have come under Kingdom protection, one will always find units of the Royal Manticoran Army going about their duties to kingdom and crown. Always located within the confines of their various ground installations is the single structure that represents a proud military heritage, known as the Monarch's Club. Members of the Monarch's Club come from all branches of royal military service, and represent a unique variety of experiences. The purpose of the club is to share these experiences with our fellow officers for both comradeship and education.

Currently has no members.

Appendix 03: Sentry Duty General Orders

  1. I will take charge of the post that I am assigned and all other Kingdom property in view.
  2. I will walk the limits of my post in a military manner, being always on the alert for anything unusual.
  3. I will challenge all persons who enter my area, regardless of their rank or status.
  4. I will report accidents, emergencies, and anything not covered by my orders To the Officer of the Watch.
  5. I will ensure the safety of all visitors of high rank while they are on my post.
  6. I will receive, and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders of the Officer of the Watch or the Commander of the Relief.
  7. I will quit my post only when properly relieved.

Appendix 04: Soldier’s Creed

I am a soldier of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
I will train hard, think hard and fight hard
But I will be fair.
I will defeat the enemy through professional cunning and skill,
But I will do so with integrity.
I will overcome adversity and fear
But will maintain my self-discipline.
I will fight for my unit, my regiment, and my allies
And I will do so with pride
I will protect our Kingdom’s freedoms
And will do so as a loyal subject.
I will lead and mentor all those who serve with me
And I will do so with respect and commitment.
I will never forget those who have gone before me.
I will always be a soldier of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Appendix 05: Non-commissioned Officer’s Creed

No man should be more professional than I.
I am a non-commissioned officer.
As a non-commissioned officer, I am a member of a time honored group
The back bone of the Royal Manticoran Army.
I am proud to be an NCO,
I will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon my regiment, the army and my kingdom,
I will never use my rank or position to attain pleasure, profit or personal safety.
Accomplishment of my task, and the welfare of my troops remain my main priorities.
I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient,
I am aware of my role as an NCO, and I will always fulfill the responsibilities inherent to that role.
All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership and I will always do my utmost to display that leadership.
I will always ensure that I know my troops and I will always place their needs above my own,
I will always communicate with my soldiers and never leave them uninformed,
I will be fair when recommending both rewards and punishments,
Officers of my regiment will have maximum time to accomplish their duties,
They will never have to accomplish mine,
I will earn both their respect and confidence, as well as that of my troops
I will above all remain loyal to those with which I serve seniors, peers and subordinates alike.
I will exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders.
I will never forget, nor will I allow my fellow non-commissioned officers to forget that we are professionals.
Non-commissioned officers
Leaders of men.