Queen's Club

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The Queen's Club was created to foster and perpetuate the mutual respect, admiration, and friendship engendered through the years between the officers of the armed forces of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and those officers who hold a commission in the forces of the Grand Alliance

On every planet of the Kingdom, and those that have come under Kingdom protection, one will always find units of the Royal Manticoran Army going about their duties to Kingdom and Crown. And always located within the confines of their various ground installations are the single structure that represents a proud military heritage, known as The Queen's Club. Members of the Queen’s Club come from all branches of Royal Military Service, and represent a unique variety of experiences. The purpose of the club is to share these experiences with our fellow officers for both comradeship and education.

Membership is offered to Officers of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Grand Alliance who have completed the KR1MA-RMA-0001(Basic Training Exam), one of the Technical Specialties (KR1MA-RMAT) and one of the Officer Exams (KR1MA-RMA-0011>) through the King Roger I Military Academy.


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