Army Directive 1803-02

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Army Directive 1803-02 was issued 02 March 2018 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It reviews a policy within the RMA.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Army and King Roger I Military Academy Faculty and Staff, all Allied Navies, and Landing University System
From: Marshall of the Army Lord Sir Peter J Gordon, KSK, ME, MM, CGM, CS
Re: Army Chapter Composition (Army Directive 1803-02)

In order to better serve our membership, this Army Directive shall lay out the standing policy for all Royal Manticoran Army (RMA) Chapters in regard to personnel and Chapter make-up.

Henceforth, RMA Chapters shall be defined as follows:

  1. The Chapter’s Command Staff must consist entirely of RMA personnel.
  2. The Chapter, regardless of size, may consist of any combination of personnel from other Divisions within the TRMN provided that all Chapter personnel must have been included in the vote to designate the Chapter a “Joint Operating Base” in accordance with “The

Ratio Rule” detailed below.

The “Chapter” element of the Royal Manticoran Army is the Installation, ranging from small bivouacs to mighty Forts. This is the equivalent of the vessels in the naval branches of TRMN. The Regimental Combat Team contains multiple installations worth of Army personnel, much in the same way a Task Group or Task Force would in the naval services. The Planetary and Theater commands are analogous to larger fleet formations. At this time, Army staffing levels have not activated the Planetary or Theater command levels, and functionally the RCT serves as the Army’s “numbered fleets” for award and authority purposes.

When a unit in a given geographical area (states, in the case of the US) reaches Fort status, High Command may activate the Regimental Combat Team command element for that geographic area, based on there being other units within the area to group into an RCT. When the RCT becomes active, the RCT:

  • is given a Regimental number designation, to which all units within the RCT’s area of operations are then attached.
  • The units within the RCT may then choose a nickname for the RCT overall.
  • The RCT may submit art for unit badges & symbols that represent the RCT as a whole to the High Command for approval.

//Bivouac //Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC)//1
//Barracks //OC, NCOIC//10
//Outpost //OC, Executive Officer (XO), NCOIC//15
//Fort //OC, XO, NCOIC//20
//Regimental Combat Team+//OC, XO, NCOIC//Staff as Needed++
//Planetary Command //OC, XO, NCOIC//Staff as Needed++
//Theater Command //OC, XO, NCOIC//Staff as Needed++

+ Often referred to as “The Regiment” or “Regiment” by members of the RCT
++ These echelons are NOT chapters in and of themselves.

The old unit size designations, Squad through Battalion, are now purely roleplay elements for local OCs to use for organizational purposes. For rough equivalencies for use in roleplay and in comparison with Marine or Grayson Army formations, the Fort is Battalion level, the Outpost Company level and the Barracks Platoon level, with the Bivouac representing a Squad or Section. Thus, a unit commander may decide to designate the troops at their outpost in line with this equivalency, such as “Her Majesty’s Barracks Wiltshire Redoubt, home of 1 Platoon, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 400th Regiment of Foot.” With this in mind, the following billets are authorized upon formation of a given Army installation:

//Bivouac-//-NCOIC: E-4
//Barracks-//-OC: O-1+, NCOIC: E-5
//Outpost-//-OC: O-3, XO: O-2, NCOIC: E-8
//Fort-//-OC: O-4, XO: O-3, NCOIC: E-9
//Regiment/Regimental Combat Team-//-OC: O-6, XO: O-5, NCOIC: E-10

+ O-2 if a Home Guard unit.

Home Guard units follow the same basic organizational structure as the rest of the RMA, though for purposes of the “Ratio Rule” (see below) both RMA Soldiers and Civilians count as RMA personnel, as the Home Guard represents the Citizen Soldiers of the Star Kingdom. Home Guard units are each ceremonially commanded by a peer, and that peer always oppoints one officer to command the Home Guard unit. Replace the top billet at the Bivouac or Barracks element with an O-2 for Home Guard units. All RMA and Civilian members of the Home Guard are authorized to have RMA ranks followed by (HG) to denote Home Guard status, likewise their Installation Names are followed by (HG) such as “First Lieutenant(HG) Dennis Sustare, of Her Majesty’s Sandgate Castle(HG).”

If, at any time, the Chapter should contain less RMA personnel than any other Service/Division assigned to the Chapter, then the Chapter’s membership shall be required to vote on the status of the Chapter as a whole. A vote of 2/3rds majority in favor of remaining an RMA Chapter shall be required to remain an RMA Chapter and append the designation of “Joint Operating Base” (JOB) to their Chapter nomenclature. Failure to achieve a 2/3rds majority will require the dissolution of the Chapter as an RMA unit and require all members to reform into their separate divisional entities as per standing directives appropriate to their respective memberships. No Joint Operating Base may be comprised of more than 40% non-RMA members, whether those members come from the civilian or other military branches of the organization. Regardless of branch, members of an RMA Chapter fall under the Chapter’s Command Team for the purposes of member awards, promotions and assignments as per the applicable service directives for their particular Division.

RCT Commander then receive reports from their assigned Installations within the RCT on the 15th of each month, which is then submitted to ODCSOPS on the 20th of each month. All non-assigned Installations shall submit reports on the 20th of each month to the ODCSOPS.

This Army Directive shall supercede and replace the following: Army Directives 05-1311, 05-1401, & 08-1303.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued by:
Lord Sir Peter J Gordon, KSK, ME, MM, CGM, CS
Marshall of the Army, Royal Manticoran Army
Baron of Cumberland Moor