Army Directive 04-1402

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Army Directive 04-1402 was issued 9 May 2014 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It is a recruting message for a Chief of Staff for the RMA.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Arm
From: Karstadt Sea
Re: Colonel of the Regiment (Army Directive 04-1402)

A Colonel of the Regiment is a sinecure appointment in the Royal Manticoran Army (Reserve) for Manticoran nobility; a required “chain of command” authority for a Home Guard Regiment assigned to their peerage lands.

In the Royal Manticoran Army, Colonels (both in rank and appointment) were originally the owners and field commanders of infantry regiments, which evolved as tactical entities of what would later be described as battalion size (in other words, a grouping of infantry companies). These regiments were divided into three wings, with the Colonel, and his two deputies (Lieutenant-Colonel and Major) commanding them. When the regiment evolved as a single tactical formation of ten companies in the late 1600s and early 1700s, the Lieutenant Colonel became the real commanding officer on the battlefield, with the Colonel becoming more of a ceremonial and political position, whose power was cut even further by various reforms in the mid-1700s. Despite becoming a figurehead, the Colonel was usually one to have actually served in the regiment or had some other, historic, connection to it.

Multiple-battalions did not evolved until the mid-1800s, and the "Colonel of the Regiment" evolved into the titular head of these entities, often compared to families. In the RMA these Regiments came to include several battalions of Reserve and Home Guard units, and expanded tremendously during the First Havenite War.

Some of the historic duties associated with the title "Colonel of the Regiment" (to distinguish it from the military rank of colonel) continue to be used in the modern RMA. When attending functions as "Colonel of the Regiment", the titleholder wears the regimental uniform with rank insignia of (full) colonel, regardless of their official rank. A member of the Royal Family is known as a "Royal Colonel".

The Colonel of the Regiment is expected to take an active interest in promoting the welfare of his/her regiment, attending military policy conferences, ceremonies, and unit celebrations.

A Colonel of the Regiment may be appointed for:

  • Each Home Guard Regiment within the designated peerage lands of the appointee.
  • Appointments as Colonel of the Regiment are usually restricted to Peers of the Realm who have served as officers of the Manticoran Armed Services and normally held the rank of colonel or above.

The tenure of appointment of a Colonel of the Regiment is normally for the life of the Peer, or the Peerage.

Terms of Reference
The terms of reference of a Colonel of the Regiment include:

  • fostering esprit de corps throughout his regiment;
  • advising PCHQ on
    • matters of significance to his regiment
    • the administration and disposition of regimental funds and properties
    • regimental charities, organizations and memorials
  • liaising between regimental units of the Front Line and Reserve Forces
  • liaising with allied or affiliated formations, regiments and units
  • advising military associations or unit commanders in order to maintain uniformity in such matters as dress and custom within the regiment

Channels of Communication
A direct channel of communication is authorized between a Colonel of the Regiment and Home Guard Adviser on matters falling within the terms of reference above.

A Colonel of the Regiment is also permitted to communicate with

  • the Adjutant of his Commanding General regarding significant regimental activities and exchange of birthday or similar greetings;
  • commanders of commands, when appropriate; and
  • The Theatre Command, when appropriate.

In the performance of his duties a Colonel of the Regiment is permitted to

  • visit units of his regiment on appropriate occasions
  • visit PCHQ for consultation with the Commanding General
  • attend meetings of his regimental association

In Honor of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KDE, MM
Marshal of the Army, RMA
The Right Honorable Baron of Karstadt Sea
King William's Tower, Landing

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