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The Grayson Space Navy (abbrev: GSN) is a Grand Alliance navy and a branch option for members of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Commanded by Admiral of the Fleet Zachary White, the Grayson Space Navy is one of the larger branches of TRMN. The Grayson Home Fleet from canon is referred to in TRMN as Fourth Fleet and hosts the majority of GSN chapters in the organization. However, there are Grayson ships serving in various fleets around the world, and Grayson personnel serving in the RMN, IAN, and RHN.


The Grayson Space Navy was founded as part of the initial development of (TRMN). At the time the GSN was comprised solely of correspondence chapters. Kit Warren became the first High Admiral and helped found the first correspondence chapters based in Texas and Florida. She also worked with Martyn Griffiths to start the first chapter in Great Britain, the GNS Albion. Eventually, the GSN transitioned away from the correspondence chapter model and is now comprised of traditional chapters all over the world.


The GSN awards decorations and medals based on the canon Grayson awards. See: Table of GSN Awards

Honor Societies

The Grayson Space Navy oporates two honor societies, and individual honor society based out of the historic light cruiser GNS Covington (C3), and a chapter honor society based on the canon Protector's Own Squadron. Further information can be found by reading their governing documents, Protectors' Policy Directives 1001 and 1002, or by reading their wiki pages.

Protector's Policy Directive 1001

Protector's Policy Directive 1002

GNS Covington (C3)

Protector's Own Squadron

List of High Admirals

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Lady Kit Warren, GSN Steadholder Blackbird 1 February 2008 9 January 2012.[1]
2 Nicholas Macon Hurst, GSN 9 January 2012 26 November 2013 [2]
3 Lord Thomas Saidak, GSN, Steadholder Henesy 26 November 2013 [2] 13 January 2018 [3]
4 Lord David Melsome, GSN, Steadholder Maelstromm 13 January 2018 [3] 28 May 2018
5 Angela Sanders, GSN 28 May 2018 4 December 2020
6 Lord James Jones, GSN, Baron Whidbey Basin 4 December 2020 21 December 2022
7 Benyamin Loyola, GSN 21 December 2022[4] 2 July 2023
8 Lord Zachary White, GSN, Baron Gilwell 11 November 2023 Incumbent

List of Deputy High Admirals

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Lord James Jones, GSN Baron Whidbey Basin 1 January 2020 4 December 2020.[5]
2 Benyamin Loyola, GSN 20 November 2021 [6] 21 December 2022
3 Lord Robert Bulkeley Jr., GSN, Duke Mountain View 11 November 2023 Incumbent

Office of the High Admiral

Command Team


Protector's Orders

Main Article List of Protector's Orders

Protector's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders. They are applicable to the Grayson Space Navy's operations, units and personnel (including personnel from other branches operating with the GSN).