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The Protector's Own is a special fleet formed as a part of the Grayson Space Navy. The Protector's Own's crest shows the Salamander owing to the nickname of Honor Harrington, the motto is her regular phrase of "Let's Be About it"[1]. It's current commanding officer is Brigadier General Christopher Bayonet, KCE, OG, RMMC.


The Protector's Own was established by Protector Benjamin Mayhew IX from the ships of the Elysian Space Navy. Service in the Protector's own for more then six years will gain a foreign member Grayson citizenship[1]. This was in part to solve the problem of Honor Harrington creating her own force which is much larger than the 50 armsmen a Steadholder can commission.

Enlistment in the Protector's Own

The Protector's Own remains open to any steader or foreigner who wishes to apply and passes the strict entry criteria. It functions independently to the main Grayson Space Navy and is often given orders directly by the Protector.


Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., assignment to the Protector's Own is one of the highest honors for members of the Grayson Space Navy and Allied navies. A recruitment is conducted each year for that years "class", and applications are reviewed by a panel. Appointment to The Protector's Own doesn't require the member to leave other ships, but it is counted as an honor society much like HMS Unconquered (CL-16) is for the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. Differently from some of the other similar groups, as the Protector's Own was formed by people from multiple services, this has continued with it's membership within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

An annual command triad consisting of a Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Bosun are appointed. They are responsible for the update of the list with billets as crewmembers select them.

Protector's Own Command Triads

The Command Triads of the Protector's Own are recorded below. Ranks and awards are at the time of appointment.

List of Protector's Own Command Triads

Year Position Name Rank
2022 CO Christopher Bayonet, KCE, OG, RMMC BGEN
2022 XO Phillip Clayton, Steadholder Fitzgerald, GSN CAPT
2022 Bosun Emilio Desalvo, KDE, DGC, RMN SMCPO
2021 CO Benyamin Loyola, MC, OG, GSN VADM
2021 XO John Robison, GSN CDR
2021 Bosun David Fretz, KDE, DGC, QBM, CBM, GSN SCPO
2020 CO Misha Sumra, GSN CAPT
2020 XO Neil Simpson, GCE, MC, OG, QBM, GSN RADM
2020 Bosun Kevin Mortimer, GCE, NS, QBM, GSN MCPO
2019 CO Martyn Griffiths, GCE, MC, DSO, RM, GSN, Steadholder Pittman VADM
2019 XO David Sanders, SC, OG, GS, GSN CPT
2019 Bosun Kathy Rau, QCB, OC, OE, NS, QBM, GSN SMCPON
2018 CO Aaron J Davis, MC, OE, GSN CAPT
2018 XO Joseph Harney, GCE, MC, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM, RMN CDRE
2018 Bosun Lord David Melsome, MC, SC, OR, CGM, GSN, Steadholder Maelstromm MCPO
2017 CO Lohengrin Perez Canon, KDE, CBM, GSN CDRE
2017 XO Philip Arthur Clayton, GSN CAPT
2017 Bosun Benjamin James Wagner, KE, DGC, CBM, RMN CPO

Crew Manifest

The crew assigned to the Protector's Own can select a Billet on appointment. This will be a rating for enlisted crew and a department for officers. All crew are listed with ranks and ships as they were at appointment. These have been divided by department for ease of comprehension. Command triads are already listed above, so the listing of these crew below are their permanent billets after they have stepped down from the triad.


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Intelligence Officer Martyn Griffiths, GSN RADM 2017 GNS Albion
Intelligence Officer David Melsome, GSN RADM 2017 GNS Glory
Operations Officer Misha Sumra, GSN LCDR 2017 GNS Paul of Tarsus
Intelligence Officer Lohengrin Perez, GSN CDRE 2017 GNS Joshua
Master at arms Mate 3rd Class Ben Hatcher, GSN PO3 2018 GNS Glory
Chief Operations Mate Kevin Mortimer, GSN CPO 2018 HMLAC Constantine
Intelligence Officer Jamison Silinksy, GSN CPT 2019 GNS Covington


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Administration Officer Joseph Harney, RMN CDRE 2018 BATRON 2


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Logistics Officer Barb Dalrymple, GSN LCDR 2017 GNS Erastus
Chief Storekeeper Benjamin Wagner, RMN CPO 2017 GNS Albion
Senior Master Chief Steward Kathy Rau, GSN SMCPON 2017 HMS Thunderer
Chief Steward Rayanne McClellan-Staubly, GSN CPO 2019 HMS Saladin
Logistics Officer Aaron J Davis, GSN CAPT 2018 GNS Randolph Candless


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Tactical Officer Heidi Nelson, RMN RADM 2017 Bureau of Supply
Tactical Officer (Weapons Group) Misty White, GSN CDRE 2017 GNS Glory
Tactical Officer (Electronic Warfare) Dan Connelly, GSN CDR 2017 GNS Erastus
Chief Missile Mate David Fretz, GSN CPO 2018 HMS Hector
Tactical Officer (Missile Operations) Benyamin Loyola, GSN CDR 2018 HMS Wolf


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Chief Engineering Officer Neil Simpson, GSN CDR 2018 GNS Joshua
Engineering Officer Joseph Barrow, GSN CAPT 2018 HMS Hydra
Senior Master Chief Power Mate William Underhill, GSN SMCPO 2019 GNS Albion


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Data Systems Emilio Desalvo CPO 2017 GNS Glory
Communications Officer Jeremy Carsten, RMN CAPTSG 2018 GNS Barbara Bancroft

Astrogation & Flight Operations

Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Flight Operations Officer David Sanders, GSN CAPT 2017 GNS Glory
Coxswain Sarah Brider, RMN PO2 2017 GNS Paul of Tarsus
Astrogation Officer Rowan Wagstaff-Weston, GSN LCDR 2019 GNS Albion
Chief Helmsman John McLaughlin, GSN CPO 2017 GNS Erastus
Senior Master Chief Helmsman Sarah Hamilton, GSN SMCPO 2019 HMS Hawk


Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
Medical Officer Kit Warren, GSN CAPT 2017 GNS Seneca Gilmore
Medical Officer Doug Henry, RMN LTSG 2017 HMS Drake
Surgeon Officer Christopher Bayonet, GSN CPT 2019 GNS Hector Ferelli
Corpsman Allan MacBain, GSN CPO 2020 GNS Joshua

Other Positions

Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
RMMC Liaison David Cleric, RMMC COL 2017 GNS Barbara Bancroft
Chaplain John Robison, GSN CDR 2017 GNS Erastus
Historian Officer Philip Clayton, GSN CAPT 2017 HMS Duke of Cromarty
Chief Historian's Mate Robyn Winans, GSN CPO 2017 GNS Barbara Bancroft
Historian's Mate 1st Class Conny Odengrund, GSN PO1 2017 GNS Glory
Civilian Liaison Amy Wagstaff-Weston, CIV Clerk 2019 GNS Albion

Non-Billeted Crewmembers

Billet Name Rank Inducted Assignment
- Laura Lüschen, IAN Flotillenadmiral 2017 SMRS Hohenzollern
- Fiona Clark, GSN LCDR 2022 HMS Pegasus

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