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A Steadholder is a Grayson peer of broadly equivalent rank to that of a Manticoran duke or duchess [1]. However, steadholders are considered to have far broader powers, exercising "head of state" sovereignty withing their territories, while dukes/duchesses hold their lands in fief from the crown.

Referred to formally as: His Lordship/Her Ladyship the Steadholder (Name of Steading)

Form of address: My Lord/ My lady (the first time) and Sir or Ma’am afterward. If you are a friend of equal or greater social rank, you may use the name of his or her steading. Close friends and relatives may use first names, but only in non-formal social occasions.

There are currently four steadholders in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. They are listed in order of seniority. The senior steadholder is Steadholder Pittman.

List of Steadholders

Name Steading Regent
Lord Martyn Griffiths, MC, DSO, RM Pittman Amy Wagstaff-Weston
Lord Sir Thomas Saidak, KE, DSO Henessey Tory Parker
Lord David Melsome, MC, SC, OR, CGM Maelstromm Ben Wagner, KDE, OC, DGC, NS, CBM
IN ABEYANCE Blackbird n/a

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