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The Bureau of Personnel (abbrev: BuPers) is one of the seven bureaus of the Royal Manticoran Navy. The head of this bureau is known as the Fifth Space Lord (abbrev: 5SL), an office currently occupied by Rear Admiral of the Red Sir David Misener, KDE, SC, CGM. BuPers holds the responsibility for the disposition of all members within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.; including applications, transfers, adjustments of rank, and billeting.

Organization & Mandate


Fifth Space Lord

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 ADM Vicky Edwards Feb 2008 10 Sep 2012
2 ADM Anne Zecca, MMO, GSN 10 Sep 2012[1] 04 Nov 2014
3 RADM Lady Stephanie Taylor-Morgan, SC, GS 04 Nov 2014[2] 11 Nov 2016[3]
4 RADM Lord Sir Kim Neimeyer, KSK, KDE, SC, OG, QBM 11 Nov 2016[3] 22 Mar 2020[4]
5 RADM Sir David Misener, KDE, SC, CGM 22 Mar 2020[5] Incumbent

Deputy Fifth Space Lord

# Name Assumed Relieved Space Lord
1 CDRE Lord Sir Kim Niemeyer, KDE, SC 08 Dec 2015 11 Nov 2016 RADM Taylor-Morgan
2 RADM Lady Stephanie Taylor-Morgan, SC, GS 11 Nov 2016[3] 1 Nov 2017 RADM Niemeyer
3 CDRE Sir TJ Allen, OE 1 Nov 2017[6] 28 May 2019
4 CDRE Sir David Misener, KDE, SC, CGM 28 May 2019 22 Mar 2020
5 CDRE Tracy Newby, CE, CBM 22 Mar 2020[7] Incumbent RADM David Misener

Bureau Staff

Office of Awards

  • Director, Awards and Staff Liaison Officer, FLA: RADM Beau Thacker, QBM
  • CPOIC, Office of Awards: CPO Christina Doane, QBM

Office of Retention

  • Director, Office of Retention: CAPTJG Patrick Hagemeier, QBM - Email: director.oor@bupers.trmn.org
  • Deputy Director, Office of Retention: Lieutenant Commander David Kling
  • Communications Officer, Office of Retention: ENS Michael E. Panter, OC - Email: oor.comms@bupers.trmn.org
  • Personnelman, Office of Retention: VACANT
  • Petty Officer in Charge of Administration Department, Office of Retention: CPO Stephen Palmer
  • Coordinator, Distance Operations: LTSG Joshua Dadd, ME, QBM
  • Coordinator, Online Gaming Innovations: VACANT

MEDUSA Data Operations Center

Bureau Orders


  1. Admiralty Order 1209-02
  2. Admiralty Order 1511-01
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Admiralty_Order_1611-01
  4. Resignation Announcement
  5. Naval Directive 20MA-01
  6. BuPers Order 1711-01
  7. Appointment announcement

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