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Most Honorable Order of King Roger (OKR)
Authority: Lord David Weber, Duke Leutzen Vale
Frequency: Once per member per year;
Seven issuance maximum.
Branches: RMN, RMMC, RMA, Civilians
Order of king roger GCR (medal).png
Order of king roger GCR (star).png

The Order of King Roger (abbrev. OKR, formally named the Most Honorable Order of King Roger I) is an order of chivalry of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The highest rank, Knight Grand Commander, is held by the Monarch.[1] Known recipients of this honor in canon include Sir Thomas Caparelli , Sir Lucien Cortez, Sir Horace Harkness [2], Lady Dame Honor Harrington[3], Sir Anthony Langtry, Lady Dame Estelle Matsuko, Sir Aivars Terekhov[4], Dame Alice Truman[5], Tadislaw Kaczmarczyk, and Iris Babcock.

TRMN Information

This Order is reserved for military personnel and civilians in government work only. The Monarch, through the First Lord of the Admiralty, accepts members into the order based on the advice of the Royal Council. This order is awarded for inspirational service and leadership. There are eight awardable classes, with the top four entitled to the prefix 'Sir' or 'Dame'.

The eight awardable classes in descending rank (with post-nominal letters in parentheses) are:

  • Knight Grand Cross (GCR)
  • Knight Commander (KDR)
  • Knight Companion (KCR)
  • Knight (KR)
  • Companion (CR)
  • Officer (OR)
  • Member (MR)
  • Medal (RM)

The highest class, Knight Grand Commander (GDR) is reserved for the Monarch and therefore not awarded.

This order is not hereditary, meaning that the induction of any member into this order is valid only for the lifetime of that member.

For each subsequent award, the member moves up one class.[6] One may hold only one class of the order at any time.


For the various OKR Honors, the following ribbons are used:

OKR all.png

Members of the Order

Knights Grand Cross (GCR)

Knights Commander (KDR)

  • SMCPO Sir Bill Lochen, KDR, Duke Split Rock, Baron La Mancha, (Bureau of Planning)
  • RADM Dame Cheryl Krause, KDR, Baroness New Hastings (Bureau of Planning)
  • VADM Dame Diane Bulkeley, KDR, Duchess Mountain View, Second Countess New Essex, (Bureau of Communications)
  • CAPTSG Dame Jill McTavish, KDR, Countess Miyake-jima, (HMS Valkyrie SD-355)
  • FADM Dame Laura Lochen, KDR, Duchess Split Rock, Baroness La Mancha, (First Space Lord)
  • RADM Sir Doss Buckalew, KDR, Baron New Greyhawke, (Bureau of Communications)
  • RADM Sir Zachary White, KDR, Baron New Gilwell, (Bureau of Ships)
  • CDR Sir Robert Gartner, KDR, (HMS Valhalla)
  • RADM Sir Colin Lloyd, KDR, Baron New Ayres, (Bureau of Training)
  • CAPTSG Dame Pamela Cole, KDR, Baroness New Florence, (Judge Advocate General)
  • MCPO Sir Rick Waterson, KDR, (HMS Demon CLAC-62)
  • RADM Sir Christopher Thompson, KDR, (Bureau of Ships)

Knights Companion (KCR)

  • CAPTSG Dame Carolyn Crutchfield, KCR, (Bureau of Training)
  • VADM Dame Cindy Van Wyhe, KCR, Baroness Long Beach (Office of the FLA)
  • CAPTSG Dame Elisa Randall, KCR, Countess New Cumbria, (HMS Invincible SD-455)
  • HADM Sir James Jones, KCR, Baron Whidbey Basin, (Office of the High Admiral)
  • VADM Sir John Neitz, KCR, Duke of Westmarch, (Office of the First Space Lord)
  • VADM Sir Michael Garcia, KCR, Baron McCovey Cove (Office of the First Space Lord)
  • SMCPO Sir Thomas Coonradt, KCR, (HMS Truculent BC-593)
  • RADM Sir Scott Bell, KCR, Baron Brentwood-upon-Tweed, (Star Kingdom Principal King of Arms)
  • ADM Sir Robert Bulkeley, KCR, Duke Mountain View, Earl New Essex, (Basilisk Fleet)
  • RADM Sir Eddy Roberts, KCR, (HMS Invictus SD-406)
  • CAPTSG Sir Benjamin Wagner, KCR, Baron Eboracum, (Bureau of Supply)
  • RADM Sir David Misener, KCR, (Bureau of Personnel)
  • RADM Sir Geoff Strayer, KCR, Baron Oak Forrest, (Gryphon Fleet)
  • CAPTJG Sir Matthew Lindquist, KCR, (HMS Intrepid SD-463)
  • CAPTSG Dame Jackie Snedden, KCR, Baroness New Troy, (HMS Enterprise BC-480)
  • CDR Julie Chase, KCR, (HMS Lodestone DD-64)

Knights (KR)

  • COL Sir Andrew Knipe, KR, (GNS Albion DD-42)
  • MCWO Sir Andrew Sivula, KR, (Judge Advocate General)
  • PO1 Sir Anton Petersen, KR, (Office of the FLA)
  • CAPTSG Sir William Knight, KR, Earl White Lion, (HMS Implacable SD-467)
  • RADM Dame Christa Brolley, KR, Countess New Dover, (Bureau of Training)
  • RADM Sir Daniel Brandow, KR, Baron New Byzantium, (HMS Implacable SD-467)
  • LTSG Sir David Miller, KR, (HMLAC Gazala LAC-035)
  • MCPO Dame Jari James, KR, (HMS Callisto BC-722)
  • RADM Sir Jon Stout, KR, Baron Jutland, (Home Fleet)
  • LTJG Dame Kathy Brandow, KR, Baroness New Byzantium, (HMS Implacable SD-467)
  • FADM Dame Laura Lüschen, KR, Baroness Neu Sachsen, (SMS Buddenbrock BC-07)
  • BGEN Sir Les Rickard, KR, (Marine Forces Command)
  • RADM Dame Melyssa Dennis, KR, (Republic of Haven Naval Office)
  • RADM Sir Mike Romero, KR, (San Martino Fleet)
  • LTSG Sir Phil Culmer, KR, (HMS Pegasus CLAC-026)
  • RADM Sir Rob Marshall, KR, Baron New Halifax (Bureau of Communications)
  • SCWO Sir Ryan Gale, KR, (HMSS Greenwich SS-001)
  • CAPTSG Dame Sonja Thiede, KR, Baroness, Kings River, (HMS Guadalcanal LPH-02)
  • GEN Sir TJ Allen, KR, (King William’s Tower)
  • CAPTJG Sir Scott Ash, KR, (Battlecruiser Division 314)
  • CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone, KR, (HMS Medusa SD-316)
  • CAPTJG Sir Samuel Dietzmann, KR, (HMS Demon CLAC-62)
  • RADM Sir Garret Bitker, KR, Baron Silver Lake, (Manticore Central Control)
  • RADM Sir Joseph Harney, KR, Baron Dondonald, (Bureau of Supply)
  • COL Sir John Brice Jr, KR, (11th Serpent Head Point Hussars)
  • CAPTSG Sir Rick Matheny, KR, (Bureau of Communications)
  • RADM Sir Wayne Bruns, KR, Earl of Cappanarrow, (Task Force 21)
  • RADM Sir Matthew Parker, KR, Earl Camera Stellata, (Judge Advocate General)
  • LTSG Sir Patrick Anderson, KR, (HMS Invincible SD-455)
  • SMCPON Sir Christopher Baye, KR, (Office of the SMCPON)
  • PO1 Sir Andrew Parker, KR, (HMS Grendelsbane SD-403)

Companions (CR)

  • CAPTSG Dame Danielle Erikson, CR, (HMS Glaive CA-50)
  • CAPTSG Dame Dora Erikson, CR, (HMS Glaive CA-50)
  • SCWO Jack Warren, CR, (Bureau of Planning)
  • CDR Sir Lucas Matthys, CR, (HMS Juno BC-726)
  • SMCPO Megan Krick, CR, (Bureau of Supply)
  • VADM Sir Michael Paquette, CR, (HMS Hector BC-548)
  • RADM Sir Michael Timko, CR, (Bureau of Communications)
  • SCWO Dame Ursula Day, CR, (Task Force 22)
  • CDRE Zach Perkins, CR, (HMS Penelope BC-585)
  • CAPTSG Angela Clayton, CR, (HMS Saladin DD-515)
  • CDRE Dame Lori Bonilla, CR, Baroness Fair Isle, (Bureau of Communications)
  • LCDR John Chambers, CR, (HMS Havoc DD-01)
  • CDR Ross Prosser, CR, (Task Force 21)

Officers (OR)

  • CAPTSG Sir Christopher Beilby, OR, (Battlecruiser Division 921)
  • MCPO David Potter, OR, (Office of the First Space Lord)
  • CDR Sir Drew Drentlaw, OR, Baron Glencairn (Bureau of Communications)
  • SGTMAJ Greg Marchand, OR, Baron Tesseyman, (MARDET Invincible)
  • Sir Max Cameron, OR, (Bureau of Training)
  • COL Sir Sonja Wolf, OR, (MARDET Invincible)
  • CAPTSG Sir Paladin Meyer, OR, (HMS Merlin CA-270)
  • CDR Ziggi Thompson, OR, (HMS Javelin DD-264)
  • CDR Cate Hesser, OR, (HMS Hellhound DD-446)
  • CDR Dame Lisa Wiedemann, OR, (HMS Vixen DD-174)
  • SMCPO Dame Jacia Bruns, OR, Countess Cappanarrow, (HMSS Greenwich SS-001)

Members (MR)

  • FMSHL Beau Thacker, MR, RMA, (Office of Awards)
  • RSGTMAJ Colin Barrow, MR, (10th Expeditionary Force)
  • CAPTSG Sir Joe Hinson, MR, (HMS Wolf CA-429)
  • MAJ Sir John Hardy, MR, (MARDET Guadalcanal)
  • Mr. Joseph Lyons, MR, (HMS Duke of Cromarty QY-04)
  • COL Sir Jackie Stuard, MR, Mannheim University
  • Dame Amanda Barrow, MR, (Office of the Home Secretary)

Medals (RM)

  • LCDR Sir Thomas Erikson, RM, (HMS Glaive CA-50)
  • CAPTSG Sir Paul McPherson, RM, (HMS Hawk CA-428)
  • CDR Darren Lee, RM, (HMS Cyclops CLAC-11)
  • CAPTJG RJ Lundgren, RM, (HMS Invictus SD-406)


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