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The Civilian Corps represents the members of the civilian branches of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN):

Led by the Home Secretary, a Royal Council member, the Civilian Corps is officially Manticoran in structure, though represents civilians from all nations. Civilian members are spread across ships and fleets throughout the service. Although independent bodies, the Corps also works closely with both Houses of Parliament.

TRMN has one additional civilian branch, the Sphinx Forestry Commission, which is not part of the Civilian Corps, as it is not under the authority of the Home Secretary.


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Honors bestowed upon civilians

Privy Council

The Civilian Corps also has an honor society that inducts members each year for services to the Civilian life, this society is called the Privy Council after the traditional body found in many parliamentary systems.

Order of the Golden Lion

The Most Eminent Order of the Golden Lion is a chivalric order awarded for merit to civilian personnel in government service. The Order is awarded by the Monarch through the FLA based on the advice of the leadership of the Civilian Corps and its component branches.

Civilian Pin

The Civilian Corps have two qualifications that are broadly equivalent to the military Space Warfare Pin. These are collectively called the Civilian Pin.

List of Home Secretaries and Deputies

Logo of the Star Empire of Manticore Home Office

Home Secretary

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Sir James Friedline, Earl Neu Odenwaldkreis 09 July 2017 05 January 2023
2 Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl of Cappanarow 05 January 2023[1] Incumbent

Deputy Home Secretary

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Sir Wayne Bruns, Baron Grosvenor July 2017 2020
2 Dame Amanda Barrow, KSK, PC 2020 24 July 2022
3 Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl of Cappanarrow 24 July 2022[2] 05 January 2023
3 Sir Garret Bitker, Baron Silver Lake 06 January 2023[3] Incumbent

Staff of the Home Office

Heads of the Civilian Corps branches

  • Director of Intelligence: Richard Johnson, OGL, OE, QBM, CBM, CIVIL (INTEL)[5]
  • Foreign Secretary: Dame Karolyn Morgan[6]

Regional organization

As delineated in HOD 009-23:

Regional Organization

Fleet Quadrant
Task Force Cluster
Task Group Sector
Task Detachment Region
Squadron System
Division Planetary

Draco Quadrant

Quadrant Secretary: Sir Christopher Vicchitto[7]

Chapters: Embassy Nouveau Paris

Home Office Directives

Main Article: Home Office Directives

Home Office Directives are issued by the Home Secretary and are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders. They are applicable to the Civilian Corps' operations, units and personnel (including personnel from other branches operating with the Civilian Corps).

Previous variant nomenclature for Home Office Directives include Office of the Home Secretary Directives and Home Secretary Directives.