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The Quartermaster Branch plans, develops and operates the Army’s personnel, administrative, and com- munity activities support systems to build and sustain combat readiness. Develops policies, coordinates, and performs all Army finance and accounting functions for organizations and headquarters at all levels. The Quartermaster Branch manages all facets of transportation related to the planning, operation, coordination and evaluation of all methods of transportation including multimodal systems. The branch also commands or directs units responsible for providing service support.

Administrative Specialist

The Administrative Specialist supervises or performs administrative, clerical, and typing duties. They deal with the administrative details of the RMA detachment to which they belong, to relieve the detachment commander of this burden, and free his time to concentrate on preparing the detachment for their mission. Administrative Specialists will collate information and statistics, compile reports, complete forms and reply to information requests. They also deal with the paperwork related to personnel issues, such as pay, transfers between units, promotions, injuries and death in service, leave, and awards.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Administrative Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-07A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Administrative Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-07B KR1MA-RMAT-07A

Logistics Specialist

The Logistics Specialist is responsible for the management of physical resources within the RMA chapter, maintaining and accounting for equipment and ensuring the availability of necessary supplies. They also serve as clerks in exchanges, gas stations, warehouses, and commissary stores.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Logistics Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-17A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Logistics Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-17B KR1MA-RMAT-17A

Finance Specialist

Finance Specialists maintain pay records and process travel claims for the RMA using microcomputer programs. Finance Specialists are also responsible for computing the financial reports for all RMA units. Finance Specialists learn banking, cash handling, book keeping, and auditing skills.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Finance Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-18A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Finance Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-18B KR1MA-RMAT-18A