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King Roger I Military Academy
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KR1MA Enlisted Training Center
KR1MA Officer Training Center
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The Enlisted School

The Enlisted School is the first school every Royal Manticoran Army Soldier experiences when they begin their service to the Queen.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0001 Membership
Secondary Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0002 KR1MA-RMA-0001
Advanced Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0003 KR1MA-RMA-0002

The NCO School

The Noncommissioned Officer’s School is where we craft the "backbone" of the Royal Manticoran Army out of the metal we forged in the fires of the Enlisted School. Here we further instill the qualities of management and leadership, challenging our Soldiers to rise to the highest standards.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
NCO Basic Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0004 KR1MA-RMA-0003
NCO Secondary Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0005 KR1MA-RMA-0004
NCO Advanced Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0006 KR1MA-RMA-0005
NCO Senior Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0007 KR1MA-RMA-0006
NCO Senior Command Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0008 KR1MA-RMA-0007