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King Roger I Military Academy
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KR1MA Officer Training Center
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The Warrant Officer School

Where the other schools of the KR1MA emphasize combat skills and leadership, the Warrant Officer School focuses on developing the technical professionals through education, training and an emphasis on professional growth through life-long learning. Where Commissioned Officers specialize in combat leadership, the Royal Manticoran Army Warrant Officer is a technical leader as well as a subject matter expert in a chosen field of study.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Warrant Course KR1MA-RMA-0011 KR1MA-RMA-0004
any RMAT-B Course
Chief Warrant Course KR1MA-RMA -0012 KR1MA-RMA-0011
Senior Chief Warrant Course KR1MA-RMA-0013 KR1MA-RMA-0012
Master Chief Warrant Course KR1MA-RMA-0014 KR1MA-RMA-0013

The Officer's School

The Officer's School is divided into three distinct sections to train student in different aspects necessary to be successful in their careers in the RMA.

  • The Junior Officer School is oriented towards tactics and the necessary skills for working with NCOs.
  • The Senior Officer School provides lessons about operational issues and working well with both higher and lower echelon elements.
  • The Officer School teaches the student the leadership and management methodology common to all Manticoran armed services.
Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0101 KR1MA-RMA-0004
Secondary Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0102 KR1MA-RMA-0101
Advanced Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0103 KR1MA-RMA-0102
Field Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0104 KR1MA-RMA-0103
Senior Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0105 KR1MA-RMA-0101
Senior Command Officer Training Course KR1MA-RMA-0103 KR1MA-RMA-0105