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The Infantry Branch encompasses positions concerned with the training and tactical employment of infantry units, infantry soldiers, and combined arms units.


Infantrymen make up the bulk of the RMA’s fighting forces and are trained to use a unique range of tools to capture, destroy and repel enemy ground forces during combat.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Infantry KR1MA-RMAT-13A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Infantry KR1MA-RMAT-13B KR1MA-RMAT-13A

Assault Specialist (Battle Armor)

The Assault Specialist specializes in the use of the RMA’s unique battle armor to provide heavy infantry support in quick strike and heavy assault operations. Assault Specialists consider themselves to be the tip of the spear in combat.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Assault Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-14A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Assault Specialist KR1MA-RMAT-14B KR1MA-RMAT-14A

Reconnaissance Specialist

The Reconnaissance Specialist or Scout is the commander’s eyes and ears on the battlefield. When information about the enemy is needed, they call on the Scouts. Reconnaissance Specialists engage the enemy with anti-armor weapons and scout vehicles, track and report enemy movement and activities, and direct the employment of various weapon systems.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Scout KR1MA-RMAT-04A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Scout KR1MA-RMAT-04B KR1MA-RMAT-04A