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The Aviation Branch encompasses operational flying and non-operational aviation concerned with the employment and support of RMA aviation units and elements.

Sting Ship Pilot School

Sting Ship Pilots are the elite pilots in the RMA and are responsible for near-orbit aerospace superiority.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Sting Ship Pilot KR1MA-RMAT-05A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Sting Ship Pilot KR1MA-RMAT-05B KR1MA-RMAT-03A

Cargo Skimmer Pilot School

Cargo Skimmer pilots fly the Atmospheric Command’s M105 “Goliath” transport, the primary heavy lift platform of the RMA.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Cargo Pilot KR1MA-RMAT-10A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Cargo Pilot KR1MA-RMAT-10B KR1MA-RMAT-10A