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The Military Police Branch manages delivery of total legal services to the RMA and its members. They are also responsible for offering legal support that involves military operations. The Military Police Branch focus on the areas of criminal law, legal assistance, civil/administrative law, labor/employment law, international/operational law and contract/fiscal law.

Military Criminal Investigator

Military Criminal Investigator are primarily responsible for investigating any criminal allegations/offenses related to the RMA. They handle felony-level crimes that involve Army property and Army personnel.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Criminal Investigator KR1MA-RMAT-15A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Criminal Investigator KR1MA-RMAT-15B KR1MA-RMAT-15A

Military Police


Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Military Police KR1MA-RMAT-02A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Military Police KR1MA-RMAT-02B KR1MA-RMAT-02A

Military Law Specialist

A Military Law Specialist handles a wide variety of legal issues within the RMA such as litigation in courts-martial as a prosecutor or acting as defense counsel. Military Law Specialists assist soldiers with legal issues and provide critical counsel to RMA commanders.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Lawyer Advocate KR1MA-RMAT-16A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Lawyer Advocate KR1MA-RMAT-16B KR1MA-RMAT-16A