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Vital Information

Obligation to Your Chapter

By taking on a command team role, you are committing yourself to serving the crew as one of their leaders. This means if you are selected to move on to a position that may rank you out of the command seat, or take you away from the chapter, you will be required to find a suitable, qualified replacement for your position. The individual will then need to be vetted by the Command Review Board before moving forward with announcing and processing the change.

The Bureau of Personnel and Bureau of Ships will otherwise not authorize a move onto another position, or resignation.

Gathered References

There is a lot of information scattered about regarding command structure for ships, coursework requirements, form policies, and more when it comes to starting chapters, changing command leadership, and upgrading. The list below is a collection of the most pertinent information for chapter leadership. It is highly advised that all members of the chapter leadership review these documents completely. If you have any questions you may email buships@trmn.org.

Admiralty Orders

Naval Directives

Bureau of Ships Directives

Other Useful Information