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How to Get Started

If you need to work with BuShips on any activity that involves ship changes or triad changes, your first step will be to email buships@trmn.org. This email is monitored by various staff members who will answer and respond to your inquiry, or advise the appropriate contact within BuShips to reply. This is where you send requests for chapter names and hull types as well any BuShips request forms. All BuShips request forms can currently be found on the TRMN Forums. BuShips is your primary contact for commissioning, upgrading, changing command, downgrading, and decommissioning chapters. There are several departments within the bureau that are specialized to help you with these procedures, see the BuShips Contact List for more information.

Initial Preparation

  1. Vital Information for Command Triad Members
  2. Determining Hull Size and Building a Roster for a New Ship