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Chapter Operations

One of the great things about this organization is that there is a lot of flexibility in what your chapter does and how it defines itself. There is no generally prescribed method to the day-to-day business on how your chapter operates. So long as the chapter meets crew minimums, there isn’t any requirement for general crew participation. There are, however, four major things you are required to do as CO of your chapter.

Those four things are:

  1. Abide by the TRMN Code of Conduct
  2. Submit Bi-monthly chapter reports on time (no later than the 10th of the reporting month)
  3. Promote your crew in a timely fashion
  4. Submit deserving crew members for awards as appropriate

Failure to do any of these three could lead to your removal as a chapter CO, as well as potentially dissolving your chapter. See the Admiralty Order 1612-03 for further details.

In addition to those for your position as a chapter CO, there are two things that can put your chapter in jeopardy of decommissioning:

  1. Chapter falling below crew minimums for that hull size (crew size or number of officers)
  2. Lack of full command staff (CO, XO, Bosun)

By taking on a command team role, you are committing yourself to serving the crew as one of their leaders. This means if you are selected to move on to a position that may rank you out of the command seat, or take you away from the chapter, you will be required to find a suitable, qualified replacement for your position. The individual will then need to be vetted by the Command Review Board before moving forward with announcing and processing the change.

The Bureau of Personnel and Bureau of Ships will otherwise not authorize a move onto another position, or resignation.

Barring the above-mentioned things, there is nothing else that the club requires you to do as a chapter. It is highly recommended that you do some sort of regular activity, so as to keep your crew interested in not only the chapter but the entire organization. Activity also helps you and your crew get recognized, as you get out of the organization what you put into it.

The remaining pages in this section cover the major processes you, as a ship CO, come to BuShips for. Each page covers one major process, including preparatory steps and a summary of the process. Any questions you might have about any of the processes should be emailed to buships@trmn.org.


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