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Chapter Reports

Chapter reports are intended to give club, bureau, and fleet leadership snapshots of each chapter’s activity. These include, but are not limited to: activities, events, promotions, courses taken, awards requested, questions, and problems or concerns that you feel senior leadership may want to take note of. These reports are one of the instances where the chain of command can be “skipped,” as there are many eyes on them during the reporting periods.

The Royal Manticoran Navy has, like the military, adopted reporting procedures: chapter and fleet reports. Chapter reports are due on the 1st and are considered late after the 10th, of every even-numbered month.

Chapter reports may NOT be submitted early. Early reports will be ignored and not filed, resulting in the same outcome as not submitting a report at all.

MEDUSA has a great tool that helps you automatically gather much of the information garnered in the chapter report. There is a tab available to you as a CO that enables you to initiate the process. Although MEDUSA tracks your crew’s coursework and rank advancement progress, it’s a good idea to keep a separate log of some sort to note activities, awards, and other goings-on for your chapter, as well as rank and coursework to verify against the MEDUSA report. If a discrepancy is found, you can easily amend it during the report and submit a Bolthole request to correct the database.

Chapter reports for the next reporting period can be started as soon as you send the current report as MEDUSA allows you to save drafts. This is a great way to add information as events occur so you don't have to remember later. It's still a best practice to keep a separate log with a copy of the same information just in case there is a glitch in the system.

Please note, Bi-monthly Chapter Reports are distributed to a wide array of personnel within TRMN. As of the time of this writing, the distribution list includes:

  • The First Lord of the Admiralty
  • First Space Lord
  • Bureau of Planning
  • Bureau of Ships
  • Home Secretary
  • IAN Groβadmiral der Flotte
  • GSN High Admiral

Several of those addresses are, themselves, distributed to the staff of the entity mentioned. In all, upwards of 20 different people will likely get a copy of your report. This being the case, chapter reports ARE NOT the proper venue to address matters covered under OSA in any fashion.

After Action Reports

After an event, it is a good idea to write up an after-action report (AAR). Try to gather all of the activities and tasks your crew has performed, to include things like hours worked individually and as a whole, money raised, items donated, and any little extra bits of information like Spacer Joe Somebody helping someone find their lost backpack. This will help you remember things for your later chapter report, and may also help you later on when submitting members for awards or submission to a promotion board. This should be sent to your next echelon commander as it can help them track your ship’s activities as well as possibly give them some information that they can use for unit or individual awards.

AARs should be filled out online here, and they will be automatically forwarded to BuPlan. Should the online form not be working for some reason, AARs can be emailed to BuPlan at intel@buplan.trmn.org. BuPlan wants your AARs so they can keep track of recurring issues and questions the membership has as well as suggestions for making events more successful in the future.