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Commissioning a Hyper-capable Ship


There are a number of items that need to be completed before a Commissioning Request Form is sent to BuShips. Ensuring these steps are completed before sending the request form will allow BuShips to enact your request with minimal delays.

  1. Create a roster for the proposed ship as described in Building a Roster for a New Ship
  2. Select a ship name using the process described in Requesting a Name for a Ship.
  3. Ensure the command triad members are eligible for the required ranks for their positions on the given hull size. More information can be found on the Roster Building page.
  4. If the prospective CO of the ship is not currently serving as the CO of a ship, they will need a Letter of Recommendation or Statement of Counseling as detailed in BuShips Directive 1903-13. In order to minimize delays, work with your echelon leadership (TG, TF, or Fleet CO) to get the necessary document submitted at the same time, or as soon as possible thereafter, to buships@trmn.org.
  5. Ensure the Commissioning Request form is filled out correctly. The most common issue is not separating enlisted members and officers into the correct areas on the form. NOTE: Enlisted members who are being promoted to Ensign in order for the crew to meet the minimum number of officers for the hull size should be listed in the Officer section of the form. Forms filled out incorrectly will be rejected.

Procedure Summary

  1. Submit the completed Commissioning Request form to buships@trmn.org. If there is a preferred date of commissioning, please note that in the email. At a minimum, allow at least one week for BuShips to work through the process and create the necessary documents. Allow more time if any necessary documents for the Command Review Board are not being submitted at the same time as the Commissioning Request.
    • This form MUST be submitted by the prospective commanding officer per BuShips Directive 1807-01. Any Commissioning Request forms submitted by someone other than the prospective CO of the new ship will be rejected.
  2. A member of the BuShips staff will reply to let the submitter know that the request has been received. This staff member will be the submitter's primary contact through the commissioning process. However, buships@trmn.org should be CCed on every email to help ensure no breakdowns in communication occur.
  3. Any issues identified by the BuShips staff will be relayed to the original submitter and the Fleet CO, where appropriate via email.
  4. On the requested date, or as early as possible, the Third Space Lord, or Deputy Third Space Lord, by direction, will:
    1. Email the prepared documents to the CO of the new ship, the Fleet CO of the affected fleet, the Bureau of Personnel, and Web Services
    2. Post the order on the forums, TRMN Announcements and Orders Facebook page, the affected fleet's Facebook page, and the Bureau of Ships Facebook page.