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Ship Name Requests

Light Attack Craft

Names for LACs are more like call-signs and can be chosen by the crew/CO. However, names must be sufficiently different than other ships and must be approved by 3SL/D3SL.

Process Summary

  1. Initial request is sent to buships@trmn.org. In order to expedite the process, multiple possible names should be sent in order of preference.
  2. 3SL or D3SL will identify the first name on the list that is an acceptable new LAC name.
  3. The Director of Small Craft will reply with the approved name or a request for additional possibilities if none of the supplied names are acceptable.

Hyper-capable Ships

Names for hyper-capable ships are supplied to TRMN by BuNine.

Process Summary

  1. Initial request is sent to buships@trmn.org.
    • The request should indicate, at a minimum, the hull size desired and if the request is for a ship commissioning, upgrade, or downgrade
    • If a particular class of ship is desired, that should also be indicated in the request.
  2. A list of up to three (3) ship names that meet the ship class and type requested will be generated.
  3. The ship names are given to the Construction and Refit Command.
  4. A member of the Construction and Refit Command will send the options back to the requestor along with the appropriate BuShips request form.


  • Names not on the complete list available to 3SL must be approved by BuNine. Turnaround time for such an approval is a minimum of 6 months, and usually longer.

Ship Name Holds

Once you and your crew have chosen your new hull name, you may reserve that name for a maximum of 30 days. The current CO for upgrades, or upcoming CO for a new chapter, must send their ship name hold request to buships@trmn.org. Once BuShips has placed the name on hold, you will receive a reply with the hold confirmation and expiration date of the hold.

Holds cannot be extended beyond the 30 days.