Army Directive 2111-02

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Army Directive 2111-02 was issued 13 November 2021 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It appointed a Deputy Marshal of the Army.

This was the first Army Directive issued by Sir Matthew Miller after his appointment as MotA in Army Directive 1121-01.

Order Text

To: Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Matthew S. Miller, KDE, MM, SC, MG, OG, CGM, Marshal of the Army
Re: (AD 2111-02) Appointment of Deputy Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army

Field Marshal Sir Beau Thacker (RMN-0550-12), you are relieved of your post, having served honorably as Deputy Marshal. Take with you the admiration of the members you have helped during your tenure. I expect your legacy of excellence to continue no matter what form your service takes.

By my authority as Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army, Colonel Sir John Patrick Brice Jr (RMN-6355-20) is hereby directed and required to assume the duties and position of Deputy Marshal, Royal Manticoran Army. In addition, having met the requirements for your position as Deputy Marshal, I hereby direct that you be promoted to Field Marshal (F-5).

The above orders are effective as of 13 November 2021.

In Service,

Issued by:
Matthew Miller KDE, MM, SC, MG, OG, CGM
Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army
King William's Tower

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