Army Directive 1121-01

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Army Directive 1121-01 was issued 11 November 2021 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It announced the Marshal's resignation and appointed his successor.

The format for this order number as issued is non-standard. The standard format number would be 2111-01.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Peter J. Gordon, KSK, ME, MM, CGM, CS, Marshal of the Army, First Earl of Cumberland Moore
Re: Formal Resignation and Assignment of the Marshal of the Army (AD 1121-01)

I am told that there is an art to knowing when it is time to let go of the reins and make way for others to find the path forward and, while I don’t consider myself any kind of artist in this regard, I find myself on the crossroads of this very Grayson-like test. When I joined this organization in 2012, it gave me something I had not realized that I had been lacking at the time, so I did my best to repay it in kind with as much of my dedication and skills as I could manage. Along the way I have learned many lessons about leadership, volunteerism, people and myself which I don’t believe I could have learned anywhere else. It is my hope that I always conveyed transparency and reliability to those who looked to me for guidance, care and concern for those in my charge, and honesty and conviction to all.

I would like to thank Robert Jackson for dragooning me into the TRMN. Without him, I would not have had as many opportunities as I have. I would like to thank Heather Selbe for putting up with me as my first Chief of Staff. Your patience is a phenomenon that many couldn’t hope to come close to. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. I would like to thank Beau Thacker for his unwavering support and amazing drive which helped me find a way to carry on in the face of some of the greatest difficulties the RMA has had to overcome. I would like to thank Laura Lochen for her candor and her advice and the long hours of discussion and what was probably a frustrating exercise in teaching me a modicum of how to deal with people and volunteer systems.

I am sure that there were many more who contributed to my success and who decided to help me during my failures. If I left you out, please know that it wasn’t for lack of wanting to recognize you but more due to my own failure of memory. Continue to do great things in the name of Honor Harrington, no matter what flavor that might take, because the idea that she represents is far more important than any fan club, bureau or organization.

As of 11/11/2021, 12:00pm EST, I formally resign as Royal Mantocoran Marshal of the Army. My final act, with the blessing of Her Majesty and as Marshal, is to direct Matthew Miller, RMN 1035-12, to assume the office of Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army with all responsibilities and authorities thereunto. Marshal Miller, you are directed and required to assume command of the Royal Manticoran Army. Fail not in this duty at your peril.

Good luck Marshal Miller.

Issued by:
Peter J. Gordon, KSK ME MM CGM CS
First Earl, Cumberland Moor

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