Fourth Fleet

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The Fourth Fleet comprises of the United Kingdom and Ireland[1] and is one of the numbered fleets within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. It is also known as Grayson Home Fleet. It is commanded by RADM Lord Martyn Griffiths, MC, DSO, RM, Steadholder Pittman.


Originally Fourth Fleet was synonymous with the Grayson Space Navy, as such it included all Grayson Ships and the commanding officer was always the High Admiral. This ended with Protector's Order 1704-01 which was issued on the 2nd April 2017. This appointed RADM Martyn Griffiths, Steadholder Pittman as 4th Fleet/GSN Home Fleet commanding officer, breaking the link between this role and the High Admiral. Fourth Fleet's area of Operations was originally the entire Grayson Space Navy this was updated by Admiralty Order 1701-03 which defined it as covering the United Kingdom. Further clarifications issued explained this also covered the Republic of Ireland, as one of the Fourth Fleet ships includes that country in it's area of operations. In addition a grandfather clause was issued to allow units previously assigned to 4th Fleet to remain so if they wished to.

Originally the Fourth Fleet, as the container for all Grayson Space Navy ships, consisted exclusively of correspondence chapters. The distinction between correspondence and meeting chapters was later dropped, and there are Grayson ships of all types today. The first ships were established in Texas, Florida and the UK, eventually spawning more and more chapters around the world.

Fourth Fleet Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 HADM Lady Kirylyn Dreamer, Steadholder Blackbird GNSS Katherine Mayhew (SS-001) 01 February 2008 01 March 2012
2 HADM Nicholas Hurst GNS Barbara Bancroft (SD-32) 01 March 2012 31 December 2013
3 HADM Lord Sir Tom Saidak, KDE, DSO, Steadholder Henesy HMS Intractable (SD-459) 31 December 2013 2 April 2017
4 RADM Lord Martyn Griffiths, MC, DSO, RM, Steadholder Pittman GNS Albion (DD-42) 2 April 2017 Incumbent

Fleet Headquarters Unit

  • Commanding Officer: RADM Lord Martyn Griffiths, MC, DSO, RM, Steadholder Pittman
  • Deputy Commanding Officer: CDRE Misty White, CE
  • 4th Fleet Bosun: SMCPO William Underhill, ME
  • Fleet Operations Officer: LT Rosemary Underhill
  • 4th Fleet Communications NCOIC: SCPO Emil Bojar, OE

Order of Battle

Fourth Fleet has one large echelon assigned to it:

Destroyer Squadron 41 (DesRon 41)

Main article: Destroyer Squadron 41

DesRon 41 is under the command of RADM Martyn Griffiths, Steadholder Pittman, and patrols the United Kingdom

It is divided into two divisions:

Destroyer Division 413 (DesDiv 413)

  • GNS Albion (DD-42) - (Squadron Flagship) patrolling any unassigned areas of the UK, under the command of LCDR Rowan Wagstaff-Weston.
  • GNS Joshua (DD-18) - patrolling Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, under the command of CDR Neil Simpson.

Destroyer Division 414 (DesDiv 414)

  • GNS Mercy (DD-43) - patrolling South England and East Anglia, under the command of LCDR David Thompson.
  • GNS Paul of Tarsus (DD-43) - patrolling London and its surrounds, under the command of LCDR Misha Sumra.

Independent Units

The following units are not assigned to any of the above echelon forces:

The following units are on detached duty within Fourth Fleet:

Former Echelons and Member Vessels

The following ships were formerly part of Fourth Fleet:

Fleet Orders

See Protector's Orders

Related Orders

Directive Effective Date Subject Status
Naval Directive 17FE-01 17 Feb 2017 Establishment of DesRon 41 and Subordinate Divisions Active


  1. Admiralty Order 1701-03

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