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Home Office Directive 022-22 was issued 17 September 2022 by the Office of the Home Secretary.

Directive Text

To: Bureau of Personnel, All Civilian Departments, all Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Saganami Island Academy Faculty, Facility and Staff of Landing and Mannheim Universities, and all Allied Forces
From: Home Secretary James Friedline, KSK, GCGL, KDE, SC, DGC, OCN, CBM, First Duke Neu Odenwaldkries
Re: HOD 022-22 Awards

In recognition of Outstanding Service to The Civil Corps and The Office of the Home Secretary, I do hereby make the following awards:

Richard Johnson RMN- 2526-14
Director Johnson has served as the commanding officer of Consulate Specter since it was founded. He has also contributed considerable time and effort to developing leadership courses for TRMN. He spent over three years working for Gryphon Planetary University. Presently he is the head of the Special Intelligence Service and is working to reach out to the organization's SIS members. Director Johnson took on the role of Director of SIS quickly and is already a tremendous asset to the Home Office. Recognizing his hard work, and excellent service, he is awarded Membership of the Golden Lion (MGL).

Deputy Home Secretary Wayne Bruns, RMN-0855-12
DHS Bruns, stepped up to assist in retrieving and recreating where necessary important records and Directives that were lost. He has also provided important support to the Office of the Home Secretary in recruiting screening of replacement Directors and Staff, and in stepping into the position of Deputy Home Secretary at my request. In recognizing his hard work and service, he is elevated from Knight Companion, The Most Eminent Order of the Golden Lion to Knight Commander of the Golden Lion (KDGL).

Karolyn Morgan RMN-2520-14
Deputy Foreign Secretary Karolyn Morgan is the executive officer of Consulate Specter and has served the Home Office for years by taking on projects vital to our work. Ms. Morgan's work is behind the scenes and is of great help to us. Ms. Morgan has stepped up to serve as Deputy Foreign Secretary and is preparing to become the head of the Diplomatic Corps. Ms. Morgan is hard-working, and passionate about the Civilian Corps. In recognition of this, she is elevated from Member of the Golden Lion to Officer of the Golden Lion (OGL).

Debi Dreese-Hoch RMN-6427-20
Dame Debi is the executive assistant to the Home Secretary and Deputy Home Secretary. She does an exceptional job of scheduling meetings and posting announcements. She is the Chief of Staff of the Home Office. Dame Debi's calm, and professional demeanor speaks volumes about her character. She also maintains contact with the Civilian Branch heads and is available at a moment's notice to assist. Throughout 2022 she has been vital to keeping the Home Officer solvent. Life circumstances have made things challenging for a few of our leaders. Dame Debi has done a lot to keep the place running smoothly. In recognition of her excellent service, Dame Debi is elevated from Member of the Golden Lion to Officer of the Golden Lion (OGL).

Kethry Heather RMN-6022-19
Dame Kethry upkeeps the Home Office's presence on Discord, Facebook, and Gather Town. She has been an asset to us for over three years, and her professional demeanor is important to our operations. Recognizing Dame Kethry's hard work, she is awarded the Golden Lion Medal (GLM).

Matthew Parker RMN-2574-14
Foreign Secretary, Sir Matthew Parker, Earl of Camera Stellata has served as the head of the Diplomatic Corps for several years. In addition, he has been an active member of the House of Lords and has advised Parliament on several bills. He is the person that conceived of and proposed Her Majesty's Privy Council. Recognizing his excellent service to the Home Office, and Parliament, Earl Camera Stellata is elevated from Officer of the Golden Lion to Companion of the Golden Lion (CGL).

Don Reisdorph RMN-2658-14
Mr. Don Reisdorph, Consul of HMS Valkyrie has been a hardworking member of the Valkyrie crew for a few years. His excellent work is worthy of recognition, and he is elevated from the Golden Lion Medal to Officer of the Golden Lion (OGL).

Frank Gonzalez RMN-5364-18
Commander Frank Gonzalez has served as a Merchant Fleet Academy instructor for a few years, and he has done excellent work. Additionally, he serves as the Bureau of Communications Web Services Director. Commander Gonzalez is also an active member of the County of Cappanarrow, and he contributes to many discussions. In recognition of his service, he is elevated from Member of the Golden Lion to Officer of the Golden Lion (OGL).

In Honor of the Empress

Issued by:
James Friedline. KSK, GCGL, KDE, SC, DGC, OCN, CBM

Home Secretary

First Duke Neu Odenwaldkreis

Issued by:
Wayne Bruns, GCE, OM, KDGL, MC, PMDSA, KR, PC
Deputy Home Secretary
First Earl Cappanarrow

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