Army Directive 2212-02

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Army Directive 2212-02 was issued 1 December 2022 by the Marshal of the Army. It inducted new members into the Monarch's Own Regiment. An addendum numbered 2212-02A was issued the same day by the Deputy Marshal appointing the Marshal to the Monarch's Own.

Order Text

To: Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Matthew S. Miller, KDE, MM, SC, MG, OG, CGM, Marshal of the Army
Re: (AD 2212-02) Monarch’s Own Induction – 2022

General Allen,[1]

The following have been inducted and appointed as your regimental command staff:

Members inducted:

*Special appointment for exceptional service to the Royal Manticoran Army as a Colonel of the Regiment.

The above order is effective as of 1 December 2022.

In Service,

Issued by:
Matthew Miller KDE, MM, SC, MG, OG, CGM
Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army
King William's Tower

Addendum (Army Directive 2212-02A)

To: Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Field Marshal John Brice, Jr., QCB, GCE, KR, MG, GS, QBM
Re: (AD 2212-02A) Monarch’s Own Induction – 2022 Addendum

Attention to Orders,

By the recommendation of this year's selection committee and in accordance with AD 2111-07 and AD 2111-09, I hereby induct Marshal of the Army Matthew S. Miller into the Monarch's Own effective this day December 1, 2022. From your staff and cohorts throughout TRMN we wish you a hearty "Huzzah!" and we celebrate your achievements this past year and wish you continued success in your future no matter which roads you wish to take.

Happy Holidays,

Issued by:
John Brice, Jr., QCB, GCE, KR, MM, MG, GS
Field Marshal, RMA
Deputy Marshal of the Army

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