Eighth Fleet Order 1611-10

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Eighth Fleet Order 1611-10 was issued 10 November 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It grants awards for those members of HMS Implacable who participated at Santa Fe Comic Con.

Order Text


Santa Fe Comic Con is a designated Eighth Fleet event, taking place in Santa Fe, NM.

It is with great pleasure I announce the following awards for members of the HMS Implacable, SD(P)-467, who performed their duties with distinction:

As of 0001 hours on 10-November-2016, The HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL is hereby awarded to:

  • CDR Robert Clevenger
  • SMCPO Jacob Sandoval
  • PVT Chuck Swingle
  • CIV-2 Doreen Gunkel
  • CIV-1 Samantha Rust
  • SFS/PR Braedyn Rust

Congratulations to all!

Issued by:
RADM Sir Daniel Brandow
Eighth Fleet, Commanding

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