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CDRE Marcus Johnston, OC, CGM is the deputy commanding officer of 8th Fleet. He commands from his flagship, HMS Claymore (CA-51), on which he was captain for two years. He also previously served with BuTrain and BuComm as the newsie for the Fleet. Presently, he is a member of BuComm's TRMN Wiki Team. You can see his electronic fingerprints all over this wiki. So far, he has completed:

In Real Life

Marcus is a mercenary teacher, selling his training skills to the highest bidder, which usually tends to be hospitals all over the country. When he's not travelling, he hides from the sun in Tempe, Arizona, with his beautiful wife, two kids who are too clever for their own good, and two cats who unfortunately have only four legs. He took over the local TRMN chapter back in 2014 and has tried to keep it lively and active.