San Martino Fleet Order 1907-19

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San Martino Fleet Order 1907-19 was issued 19 July 2019 by RADM Sir Michael Romero. This order issued operational awards for convention participation.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians in Third Fleet
From: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG, RMN
Re: AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS (San Martino Fleet Order 1907-19)

While taking part in ConCarolinas in June 2019, the Prime Minister became ill and was unable to travel home as he had initially planned. Captain Philip Clayton, GSN of HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY voluntarily undertook a six-hour round-trip drive on 4 June to travel to Charlotte, retrieve the PM, and safely deliver him home. In recognition of his selfless contribution of time and gas money in an unexpected situation, Captain Clayton is hereby awarded the STEEL CROSS OF COURAGE.

Mention is given to the following members of Escort Division 6 for outstanding service to their ships, crewmates, and TRMN at ConCarolinas from 31 May to 2 June 2019:

  • Alsborg, Luke - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Barnette, Greg - HMS REUBEN JAMES
  • Barnette, Katie (GSN) - HMS REUBEN JAMES
  • Clayton, Angela - HMS SALADIN
  • Clayton, Philip (GSN) - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Crump, Margaret - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Dickson, William - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Eskew, Shirley (GSN) - HMS SALADIN
  • Holo, Jacob - HMS REUBEN JAMES
  • Iffland, Jon - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Munn, David (CIVIL) - HMS SALADIN
  • Rice, Caitlyn (SFC) - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice, Jessica - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice, Michael - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice, Robert - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice-Weber, Megan - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice-Weber, Michael - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice-Weber, Morgan (SFC) - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Rice-Weber, Sharon (CIVIL) - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Todd, Randy - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Walsk, Mark - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY
  • Weber, David - HMS DUKE OF CROMARTY

The Royal Manticoran Navy and Marine Corps personnel listed above are hereby MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES, enlisted Grayson personnel are hereby awarded the ARMSMAN'S CROSS IN STEEL, commissioned Grayson personnel are hereby awarded the SWORD'S CROSS IN STEEL, and any SFC and Civilian personnel are hereby awarded their service's equivalents to these decorations.

ConCarolinas was a declared Third Fleet event, entitling participants to the HAVENITE OPERATION SERVICE MEDAL. I am informed that personnel listed above have already been so decorated in the calendar year 2019. Nonetheless, their continued support of Third Fleet events is greatly appreciated.

Mention is given to Spacer Second Class Michael Lewis for suggesting the participation of his chapter, HMS AGAMEMNON, at the Virginia Comicon on 13 July. Although he was unable to attend in person, Spacer Lewis contacted the event staff and arranged for Agamemnon's table space. As described in his CO's report to Third Fleet Command on this event, Spacer Lewis is hereby MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES.

Congratulations to everyone listed above!

As a reminder, any member of Third Fleet can submit any other member they feel deserving of awards. Feel free to contact with any award recommendations at any time (or even questions about them), as I try to put out award lists on a monthly basis. Likewise, submit after action reports or major chapter events to (this automatically copies BuPlan and the Manticore's Tale as well) so we can all keep apprised of everyone's hard work and successes.

Issued by:
Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer
Third Fleet (San Martino)


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