Steel Cross of Courage

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Steel Cross of Courage
24 - Steel Cross of Courage.png
Authority: Fleet Commander.
Frequency: Once per Year per Member Maximum.
Branches: GSN

The Steel Cross of Courage is a Grayson award for civilian bravery. It can also be awarded to Grayson Space Navy personnel for bravery in non-combat incidents. No canonical references exist for recipients.

TRMN Information

This is the lowest bravery award issued in the Grayson Space Navy.

How to Obtain

To qualify for this award, the member must perform their duties in a manner above and beyond the call of duty. Volunteering to act as security for a large RMN function would be an example of a qualifier for this award. This is intended as a lesser version of the Bronze Cross of Courage, so similar criteria apply.

Recipients of this Award

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