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The Special Intelligence Service (abbrev: SIS) is a component of The The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), one of two non-uniformed civilian branches. Members of this branch focus on information gathering.


List of SIS Staff


# Name Assumed Relieved
1 RADM Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl Cappanarrow 9 May 2019 04 May 2021
2 Sir Max Cameron 04 May 2021 19 Aug 2022
3 Richard Johnson 03 Sep 2022 Incumbent

Deputy Directors

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 Sir Max Cameron 17 Jan 2021 04 May 2021
2 VACANT 04 May 2021 Incumbent

Executive Assistants

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 RADM Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl Cappanarrow 25 Feb 2022 Incumbent

Senior Staff

Director of Intelligence - Mr. Richard Johnson

The head of the SIS, The Director, works directly for the Home Secretary, who is a Junior Vice President on the TRMN Board of Directors, also known as the Royal Council. Due to the shared interests of SIS and the Diplomatic Corps, the Director of Intelligence works closely with their head: the Foreign Minister.

The Director oversees the chapters of the members of the Special Intelligence Service; the Special Intelligence Service is shown as Civilian (INTEL) in the MEDUSA database. The Director of the Special Intelligence Service uses BuPers' MEDUSA records to track the Civilian Intelligence members. In addition to this, they maintain contact using the TRMN Forums, official Discord servers, and email so that they can be accessible to the membership.

Deputy Director - VACANT

Executive Assistant - RADM Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl Cappanarrow

Ranks within SIS[1]

Paygrade Intelligence Corps Abbreviation
C-1 Informant IN
C-2 Analyst AN
C-3 Senior Analyst SAN
C-4 Deputy Station Supervisor DSUP
C-5 Station Supervisor SUP
C-6 Probationary Special Agent PSA
C-7 Special Agent SA
C-8 Senior Special Agent SSA
C-9 Learning Development Specialist LD
C-10 Foreign Language Advisor AD
C-11 Deputy Zone Inspector DZI
C-12 Zone Inspector ZI
C-13 Deputy Sector Superintendent DSSU
C-14 Sector Superintendent SSU
C-15 Cryptologist CRY
C-16 Deputy Quadrant Controller DQC
C-17 Quadrant Controller QC
C-18 Consulate Intelligence Liaison LIA
C-19 Handler HAN
C-20 Case Manager CM
C-21 Deputy Director of Intelligence DDI
C-22 Director of Intelligence DI
C-23 Home Secretary

Relationship with the Office of Naval Intelligence

The SIS will coordinate with ONI to ensure all local convention and outside local club information remains up to date in both ConStack and the ONI Dossiers. The Director of SIS shall also be among ONI's list of as the Civilian Branch Head/Intelligence Agent upon completion of the needed ONI training modules.



Awards issued to qualifying members of the SIS are listed at Civilian awards.

Announcements/Home Office Directives

Office Order Effective Date Subject Status
HOD 012-22 01 Jul 2022 HOD 012-22 - Promotion of SIS Members Active
HOD 011-22 12 Jun 2022 Opening of Intel Station - Trevor's Star Control Active
HOD 007-22 25 Feb 2022 Appointment of Executive Assistant to the Director of SIS Active
HOD 005-22 01 Jan 2022 Updated Ranks and Forms of Address for SIS Members Active
HOD 004-22 01 Jan 2022 Use of SIS Logo Rescinded by HOD 004-22(a)
HOD 010-21 04 May 2021 Resignation and Appointment of Director of Intelligence, SIS
HOD 005-21 16 Jan 2021 Appointment Deputy Director of the SIS
HOD 013-20 01 Jul 2020 Closure: Kings College
HOD 007-20 16 Apr 2020 Civilian Chapters [Postings] for Dip Corps and Special Intel
HOD 012-19 08 May 2019 Appointment of the Director of Intelligence Wayne Bruns Superseded by HOD 010-21
HOD 004-17 25 Oct 2017 Home Under-Secretary Transfer to the Intelligence Service