Havenite War Campaign Medal (GSN)

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Havenite War Campaign Medal
36- Havenite War Campaign Medal.png
Authority: Unit Commanding Officers down to the Fleet / Brigade level.
Frequency: Once.
Branches: GSN
For the Royal Manticoran Navy award of the same name, see Havenite War Campaign Medal

The Havenite War Campaign Medal was awarded to Grayson Space Navy personnel who participated in the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

TRMN Information

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), this award recognizes service by members at an officially recognized event, issued to Grayson members who participate at an official Admiralty House function.

How to Obtain

The member must have done more than simply attend the event, having participate in some capacity (i.e., served on a panel, worked on the Security detail, etc.). An Admiralty House event is any convention that has been designated by the First Lord of the Admiralty, or any event in which the Prime Minister will be in attendance. Additionally, each Space Lord is allowed to designate one event per calendar year to be an Admiralty House event, as long as they attend such an event.

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