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A Space Lord is the head of one of the seven bureaus that fulfill organization-wide administrative functions of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.(TRMN).

In the Honorverse canon, the seven Space Lords are the top uniformed leadership of the Royal Manticoran Navy. These are inspired by the Sea Lords who fulfill a similar function in the real world's British Royal navy.

The term Space Lord is used for both male and female office-holders.

TRMN Space Lords

TRMN has seven Space Lords, just as in the canon:

Two of the bureaus are named differently than the canon, to better fulfill the functions of a real-world fan club, as opposed to a space navy. TRMN replaces the canon Bureau of Weapons and Bureau of Medicine with the Bureau of Communications and the Bureau of Supply.

Minimum Rank

The minimum rank held by a TRMN Space Lord is Vice Admiral (F-3)[1]. The First Space Lord is given the rank of Fleet Admiral (F-4)

Deputy Space Lord

Each bureau has a Deputy Space Lord as second-in-command under the Space Lord. Deputy Space Lords are usually promoted to the rank of Commodore if they are not already a commodore or higher.


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