Eighth Fleet Order 1609-28

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Eighth Fleet Order 1609-28 was issued 28 September 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It issues awards for those who attended TactiCon.

Order Text


TactiCon is a designated Eighth Fleet event, taking place in Colorado Springs, CO. It is with great pleasure I announce the following awards for members of HMS Enterprise, BC-480, and HMS Reliant, BC-401, who performed their duties with distinction:

The HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL is hereby awarded to: Admiral of the Green Robert Bulkeley, First Earl of New Essex RADM of the Red Diane K. Bulkeley, First Countess of New Essex Cpt SG Tammy Schoonover Cpt Shirley Kunz (RMMC) Cpt JG Joe Hinson III Cpt Benyamin Loyola (GSN) Lt SG Damon Schoonover

Additional awards: Spacer 3/c SEAN PATRICK FANNON could not participate in recruitment activities, as he was busy as a Guest of the Con, but during the event he gave numerous plugs to our organization, including one during a YouTube video interview and is hereby MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES.

Congratulations to all!

Issued by:
RADM Sir Daniel Brandow
Eighth Fleet, Commanding

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