Eighth Fleet Order 1607-06

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Eighth Fleet Order 1607-06 was issued 06 July 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It issues awards for those who attended LepreCon.

Order Text


LepreCon is a designated Eighth Fleet event, taking place in Phoenix, AZ. It is with great pleasure I announce the following awards for members of HMS Claymore, BC-618, who performed their duties with distinction:

The HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL is hereby awarded to: Captain JG Marcus Johnston Commander Darren Lee Chief Petty Officer Clara Rose Davies Ensign Timothy Coffey Petty Officer 3rd Class Corey Gehman Spacer 3/c Alex Brender Cadet Ranger One Asher Johnston Spacer 1/c Michael Lesnick Spacer 3/c Hal Astell Spacer 3/c Victor Bugg Spacer 3/c Trevor Works Lance Corporal Manuel Fierro Spacer 3/c Alice Massoglia

Additional awards: Spacer 3/c ALICE MASSOGLIA was not able to man the recruiting table because she was asked a month before the con to manage the merchants area when the previous volunteer dropped out. Not only did she take on the task, but recruited more merchants, reorganized the layout, and made that aspect of the convention a success. Even more, she still made time to work for the RMN the party room, contributing beverages, helping make the night a success. Her actions reflect greatly upon herself, HMS Claymore, and the RMN. For this she is awarded the NAVY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL.

Spacer 1/c ALEX BRENDER manned the recruiting table many times over the course of the three days of LepreCon. He was vital to operations, often being sent on many independent away missions to support the leadership, while they manned the table. He also volunteered to move most of the ship’s cargo without complaint and was incredibly useful all through the convention.

Spacer 1/c MICHAEL LESNICK manned the recruiting table for most of Friday and Saturday, being incredibly helpful to interested visitors. He also manned the party room the whole night and helping to serve guests.

Ensign TIMOTHY COFFEY manned the recruiting table most of Friday and Saturday, he also served as our Electronic Warfare Officer by fixing the recruiting computers and providing wifi access when there was none. He answered visitor’s questions with consummate skill, and provided quality beverages to the party room. For their actions, these three gentlemen are MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES.

Congratulations to all!

Issued by:
RADM Sir Daniel Brandow
Eighth Fleet, Commanding

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