Eighth Fleet Order 1601-15

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Eighth Fleet Order 1601-15 was issued 15 January 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It awards Mentioned in Dispatches and Monarch's Thanks for services done for the RMN at Albuquerque ComicCon.

Order Text


One of the greatest things a Commander can do, in my opinion, is to recognize their subordinate members when they excel. It is my pleasure to do that now, for 4 VERY deserving members of 8th Fleet:

SCPO Jacob Sandoval, for your dedication and huge show of support, for the CosPlay Rest and Recovery area hosted by the HMS Implacable during the recent Albuquerque ComicCon, you are hereby


Without your support, the Room would not have been as successful or as highly praised as it was during the entire weekend.

The following awards, are issued with the approval and under the authority of the First lord of the Admiralty, on behalf of Her Majesty, the Queen:

There was an incident where the RMN Safe Zone (co-located with the CosPlay rest and Recovery Room) was invoked at Albuquerque ComicCon this past weekend. The following personnel of HMS Implacable handled the situation in exactly the right by alerting security, superior officers and keeping the victim safe and calm so that things could be handled as discreetly as possible in a most difficult and challenging environment. For the handling of this incident in the highest traditions of the RMN and for their selfless devotion to the CosPlay Rest and Recovery Room (they worked the room, by themselves, almost nonstop the entire weekend), it is my High Honor and Distinct Privilege to announce the awarding of the


to the following personnel:

  • Commander Bill Knight
  • Lieutenant, senior grade Rob Clevenger
  • Civilian-01 Doreen Gunkel

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to express my personal thanks and gratitude to these 4 individuals. They have carried themselves with honor and distinction which does nothing but bring great credit and respect to the HMS Implacable, Eighth fleet and the RMN as a whole. Con staff, event security and attendees could not say enough good things or stop expressing their thanks for the work these people put into making this area of the con a safe and welcoming environment. On behalf of everyone, THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!

Under my hand and on behalf of the First Lord of the Admiralty,

Issued by:
John Roberts
Eighth Fleet

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