Eighth Fleet Order 1601-04

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Eighth Fleet Order 1601-04 was issued 04 January 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It transfers his authority to the incoming fleet commander.

Order Text

Members of the Eighth Fleet:

I write this with a bit of sadness, yet also full of joy.

I have been advised by the First Space Lord that my time as Acting Eighth Fleet Commander should come to an end now that the Fleet has grown to a point that it should have a full time CO to oversee its growth and operations. After consultation with the First Space Lord, it has been decided that Commodore Dan Brandow will take over as Eighth Fleet Commander as of March 1, 2016. There will be a transition period which will begin on January 1, at which time I will begin serving as an advisor and mentor to Commodore Brandow as he gets fully up to speed on the duties and requirements required of a Fleet Commander.

I have truly enjoyed the last 4.5 years the Commander of the greatest little Fleet in the RMN and will truly miss being the Basilisk Fleet CO. You, ladies and gentlemen, have made this fleet great and have grown it in such a way that I feel it is sustainable for the long term. I am proud to have been your Commander and am privileged to know that the Fleet and all of the members in this great organization will be well served by you, the COs and by Dan as he takes over this great Fleet. I know you will all support and aid Dan as much as possible, just as you have all done for me over the last few years.

I am not planning to simply fade away...I will still be active in and around the Fleet and HMS Anasazi will still be my flagship (even though as a Space Lord, I am assigned to Admiralty House). I love this Fleet and all of the people who make it so great.

I am planning to hold some sort of Change of Command ceremony on or about February 27-28, 2016, most likely in Albuquerque. You are all welcome to attend if at all possible. I will post more details as the date draws closer and plans begin to finalize.

Thank you all for the Honor of being your Commander, I am humbled by your support and dedication to everything we have done and all that will continue to be accomplished by the great group of people.

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