Eighth Fleet Order 1508-30

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Eighth Fleet Order 1508-30 was issued 30 August 2016 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It appoints the new Deputy Fleet Commander and Eighth Fleet Bosun.

Order Text

Ladies and gentlemen of the Eighth Fleet,

I have accepted the resignation of Diane Ladynewessex Bulkeley as Deputy Fleet Commander to allow her to focus on the much more important duties of serving as Chief of Staff to to the First Space Lord. I am sure she will do a great job and will need all of our support (and prayers/good thoughts) as she works to manage Lord Admiral Akers and his staff to help improve the RMN as a whole.

Upon Diane's recommendation and suggestion I have decided to name Commander Dan Brandow as the new Deputy Fleet Commander for our glorious Fleet.

As of this Date, Commander Brandow is breveted to the rank of Commodore; he is requested and required to assume the duties of Deputy Fleet Commander immediately.

I am also taking this opportunity to name Chief Petty Officer Jacob B. Sandoval as Eighth Fleet Bosun. Chief Sandoval is brevetted to the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer and is requested and required to assume his duties as Fleet Bosun immediately.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, these gentlemen and myself stand ready to assist you. We will soon begin working to improve communications and see what we can do to help all members of the 8th Fleet enjoy their time in TRMN to the maximum.

In service to the Queen,

Issued by:
John Roberts
Eighth Fleet

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