Eighth Fleet Order 1507-01

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Eighth Fleet Order 1507-01 was issued 13 July 2015 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It awards performance rendered to the RMN at LepreCon 2015.

Order Text

8th Fleet ORDER 1507-01
July 13, 2015
Award Announcement:

As of the date of this order, by my authority as Commanding Officer Eighth Fleet, RMN;

Having met the requirements, I hereby announce the following authorized Awards:

Havenite Operational Service Medal

Awarded for their active participation during an official 8th Fleet event at LepreCon in Phoenix, AZ from June 25-28, 2015:

  • Marcus Johnston
  • Darren Lee
  • Alex Brender
  • Manuel Fierro
  • George Farmer
  • Courtney Farmer
  • Asher Johnston
  • Corey Gehman
  • James Brines
  • Rosa Glover
  • Hal Astell

Navy Achievement Medal

For his achievement on behalf of HMS Claymore, Eighth Fleet, and The Royal Manticoran Navy by tasking charge of personnel when the commanding officer had to be absent, setting up for public events setup the party room and did many menial tasks without complaint, set up and tear down on multiple days, and taking care of a sick crew member when he was also feeling badly all while serving with honor at LepreCon 2015.

  • Darren Lee

Mentioned in Dispatches

Spacer Brines was instrumental in gathering support for HMS Claymore’s party room on Saturday, manning the recruiting station on Sunday, and helping to take down and unload our gear when we returned from the con. His exemplary conduct is a credit to the uniform, especially considering he has only been with our organization for a month. For these reasons, hereby Mention in Dispatches:

  • James Brines

Given under my hand,

Issued by:
John Roberts, KDE, SC
Admiral of the Green
Commanding, Eighth Fleet

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