Eighth Fleet Order 1506-02

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Eighth Fleet Order 1506-02 was issued 29 June 2015 under the authority of the 8th Fleet Commanding Officer. It awards performance rendered to the RMN at CONduit 2015.

Order Text

8th Fleet ORDER 1507-01
June 29, 2015
Award Announcement:

As of the date of this order, by my authority as Commanding Officer Eighth Fleet, RMN;
Having met the requirements, I hereby announce the following authorized Awards:

Havenite Occupational Service Medal

Awarded for their active participation during an official 8th Fleet event at CONduit in Salt Lake City from May 22-24, 2015:

  • Captain (JG) J. Eddy Roberts
  • Commander Elizabeth Kaas-Baas
  • Ensign Brennan Theler
  • CPO Stephanie Roberts
  • Spacer 1/c Toni Chapman
  • LCPL Allison Ehni
  • LCPL Nels Chapman
  • Spacer 3/c John Stuart

Navy Commendation Decoration

For exceptional work on the panel on “Worlds of David Weber” through his knowledge, presentation and professionalism, all of which reflected highly upon him, HMS Jonas Adcock and TRMN. It should also be noted that Jane Lindskold commended his enthusiasm, preparation, and knowledge multiple times:

  • Ensign Brennan Theler

For his efforts at organizing his outstanding crew, his work to bring Jane Lindskold to CONduit and his exceptional, selfless work to make the convention and the room party hosted by HMS Jonas Adcock a success:

  • Captain (jg) J. Eddy Roberts

Mentioned in Dispatches

For their selfless efforts and the volunteering of their personal hotel room to host the room party on behalf of HMS Jonas Adcock, special mention is given to:

  • Captain (JG) J. Eddy Roberts
  • CPO Stephanie Roberts

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