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Sphinx Forestry Service
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Level One Academy
Level Two Academy
Level Three Academy


*see: Sphinx Forestry Commission
The Sphinx Forestry Service is TRMN’s youth program, and provides activities, projects, and courses for our younger members. The program is intended to encourage students to read, and to introduce them to the world of science, science fiction, and the Honorverse.

Members of TRMN between the ages of 5 and 15 are automatically assigned to the Sphinx Forestry Service as Cadet Rangers. At ages 16 through 17, members of TRMN can choose to participate in the SFS program with the rank of Senior Cadet Ranger, or they can join one of the military academies as a Mid- shipman or Officer Cadet.

The activities and projects are coordinated through three levels, corresponding to age group: Level 1 for ages 5 through 8, Level 2 for ages 9 through 12, and Level 3 for ages 13 through 15. Students can start at any level and progress through the program at their own pace. They are not required to participate in any activity or take any course, although they are encouraged to explore the topics they find interesting.

The Sphinx Forestry Service offers the following topics, although not all of them are currently available at all levels:

  • Reading
  • Communication
  • Environmental Studies
  • Plant Studies
  • Animal Studies / Zoology
  • Human Studies / Military History
  • Technology
  • Transportation



The role of the Commissioner of the Sphinx Forestry Service Academy is to work with the Head Ranger to coordinate the training efforts for the students. The Commissioner reports to the Sixth Space Lord on Academy-related Cadet activities, and to the First Lord of the Admiralty for Organizational Cadet activities.


Instructors are the primary link in the chain between students and the cadets and parents of the SFS. Instructors oversee a course or series of courses. They assist students, grade courses, post results and provide students with completion certificates.