BuShips Directive 1309-05

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BuShips Directive 1309-05 was issued 23 September 2013 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. It commissions HMS Juno (BC-726).

Order Text

My fellow Manticorans,

Effective as of 0001 Hours (EST) on September 23, 2013, it is my pleasure to announce the commissioning of HMS Juno, BC-726, under the command of Captain (j.g.) Stephen Savage. This is a Nike Class Battle Cruiser and is assigned to the Eighth Fleet, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

As of the date of Commissioning, the following personnel are assigned to HMS Juno:

  • Captain, junior grade Stephen Savage (assigned as CO of HMS Juno)
  • Commander Brad Crawford (assigned as XO of HMS Juno)
  • Chief Petty Officer Bob Tolway (assigned as Bosun of HMS Juno)
  • Lieutenant Commander Dean Calfas
  • Lieutenant Commander Shawn Learmonth
  • Spacer 3rd Class Lawrence (Larry) Baier
  • Spacer 3rd Class Alayna Garrison
  • Spacer 3rd Class Linda Garrison
  • Spacer 3rd Class Maxwell Garrison
  • Spacer 3rd Class Shelley Ann Jensen
  • Spacer 3rd Class Don Robichaud
  • Spacer 3rd Class Debra Savage
  • Spacer 3rd Class Galenthor Storm
  • Private Kelly Pears (RMMC)

The following personnel are breveted in rank as indicated below:

  • Stephen Savage to Captain, junior grade
  • Brad Crawford to Commander
  • Bob Tolway to Chief Petty Officer
  • Dean Calfas to Lieutenant Commander
  • Shawn Learmonth to Lieutenant Commander

In Service to Her Majesty, the Queen

Issued by:
Admiral Lord Sir John Roberts KDE, SC
Third Space Lord

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