Battle Efficiency Medal

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Battle Efficiency Medal
33 - Battle Efficiency Medal.png
Authority: High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy.
Frequency: Once per Calender Year.
Branches: GSN

The Battle Efficiency Medal is awarded when a single unit (chapter) in a fleet demonstrates superior performance other their peers. It is the Grayson Space Navy equivalent of Fleet Excellence Award. No canonical references exist for recipients.

TRMN Information

This award is issued in gold once per year to the chapter which most demonstrates their excellence compared to the other chapters within their numbered fleet. Once recipients are issued the award in gold, the numbered fleet commanding officers shall submit the recipients of the award to the First Space Lord. The First Space Lord shall determine which chapter amongst all the chapters nominated by the numbered fleet commanding officers shall receive the award in silver.

This is awarded based on the efforts of the entire chapter during the Black Sphinx Cup challenges. In order to receive the award in gold outright, a chapter must win a majority of the challenges selected by the fleet commanding officer during the Black Sphinx Cup challenge period. If no single ship wins a majority of the challenges, then the fleet commanding officer, in consultation with the First Space Lord, will select a chapter to receive the award in gold.[1]

How to Obtain

After the deadline, the High Admiral with the support of their staff will select a winner of their fleet level participation in the Black Sphinx Cup.

Recipients of this Award

A full list of members is coming soon.