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Grand Alliance Awards Manual

Welcome to the Awards Manual of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association (TRMN). The purpose of this manual was to give you a clear picture of what awards are available within TRMN. For purposes of Awards, there are seven divisions of TRMN:

  1. Royal Manticoran Navy/Royal Manticoran Marine Corps (RMN/RMMC)
  2. Royal Manticoran Army (RMA)
  3. Grayson Space Navy (GSN)
  4. Republic of Haven Navy (RHN) – Pending House of Lies
  5. Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN)
  6. Uniformed Civilian Services
    • Royal Manticoran AstroControl (C-AC)
    • Royal Manticoran Merchant Marines (C-MM)
    • Sphinxian Forestry Commissions (C-SFC)
  7. Civilian (CIV)
    • Ministerial & Diplomatic Corps (C-MIN/C-CD)
    • Intelligence Services (C-IS)
    • Peerage Lands Staff (C-PLS)
    • Non-Assigned Civilians (CIV

Each of these seven divisions has a different set of awards available to it (although some awards are shared by more than one division) and each division therefore has a separate section in this manual. This manual will show where each award falls in the order of precedence for that group, and will provide you with a clear understanding of the Admiralty House philosophy behind the recommendations for and issuing of awards. The manual will evolve as new awards are implemented and as criteria are decided upon for awards that are pending future expansion. This manual is your primary point of reference for all award questions.

Awards in this Manual

All of the awards that follow here after are the most current and up to date as of the printing of the manual. A few things to note regarding these awards; First, the medals have not yet been manufactured. These are a work in progress, and we will eventually have them in stock. Second, the current availability of ribbons will depend on what BuSup has in inventory. This will vary from time to time, depending on if we have added new ones or are just no longer offering the old ones.

Some awards will be awarded within specific time limits, such as the King Roger III Coronation Medal (awarded to members serving between 05FEB2011 and 04FEB2012), and therefore will no longer be available for issuance (aside from replacement ribbons). They retain their place in the manual, however, to let you know their order of precedence. Finally, this manual will be updated periodically. In the time between manual revisions, Admiralty Orders will fill in for the updates as needed.


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  • Captain (SG) Sir William Knight, KDE, MC, OG, CBM, RMN


Honor Harrington, the Honorverse, the Royal Manticoran Navy, the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, the Royal Manticoran Army, the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, the Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service, the Grayson Space Navy, the Imperial Andermani Navy, and other references to the works of David Weber or Final Sword Games are used here under the Fair Use doctrine.

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